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EQ2 for vista?

LaviticusLaviticus Member Posts: 33

Will EQ2 work on a vista? I tried the trial and it didn't get past the Launch pad. I hit play and it says Playing and nothing.



  • quaikyquaiky Member Posts: 566

    yes it should work with vista. worked for some years for me before i switched to win 7

  • seraphis79seraphis79 Member UncommonPosts: 304

    I had no trouble running the game on Vista Home Premium 64bit for years.  You should still be able to play it with out any trouble.

  • MartinmasMartinmas Member UncommonPosts: 239

    I play the game with Vista 64bit and my girlfriend uses Vista 32bit and it runs fine. Make sure that you are running it as an administrator.

  • KilmarKilmar Member UncommonPosts: 844

    Same here, I'm playing with Vista Home 64 since years now without problems.

  • KrayfishKrayfish Member UncommonPosts: 147

    It runs fine on any version of vista, however I had problems with the streaming launcher when I played the trial a couple of weeks ago, try downloading the station launchpad and download it from there, if it's the streaming launcher that isn't working. I will stress however that the game is 10.2 gb in size.


  • IonselonIonselon Member Posts: 248

    You have to run EQ2 as an administrator.  Right click on the EQ2 icon on your desktop, and then selelct  "Run as Administrator".  You shouldn't have any problemns doing it that way.

    <edit> I have EQ2 installed on 2 Vista machines.  One I run from the Station Laucher and the other from the EQ2 icon.  Both ways work fine.

    I had problems with the Steam launcher like the poster above said,   I set up EQ2 to bypass the Steam launcher and didn't have any further problems.<end edit>


  • LaviticusLaviticus Member Posts: 33

    Im aware of the 'Run as admistrator' I have to do EQ 1 the same. But it still didn't work how do I bypass the streaming launcher?


  • ZebladeZeblade Member UncommonPosts: 931

    Yes it runs super in Vista and doing nothing extra. My sons been playing it as of late. Not one problem.. so HAVE FUN!

  • LaviticusLaviticus Member Posts: 33

    Please explain the process on how to do it please?


  • DasterdlyDasterdly Member Posts: 30

    I am running Vista 64 just fine.  Without much to go on, your issue sounds like you are not running as admin.


    Try executing from the Station Launcher and not from the EQ2 launcher.

  • LaviticusLaviticus Member Posts: 33

    Where do I go to get this 'station launcher'?


  • YasouYasou Member Posts: 86

    Follow this link and the Station Launcher info is on the bottom-right hand side of the page. You click on the download icon and it will prompt you to save stationLauncher_setup.exe on your computer. Then you select the game to download within the launcher:

    The station launcher will download the entire game on your pc whilst the streaming launcher will download each zone separately while you are playing. I personally had nothing but trouble with the streaming launcher and am now using the old eq2.exe launchpad (but for this option you'll need to buy the boxed version of the game).

  • LaviticusLaviticus Member Posts: 33

    Alright, Ty finally got it download went into it and it said Trying Login server # (went through 1-10) twice and said no connection is that normal do I have to keep trying or what?


  • DasterdlyDasterdly Member Posts: 30

    there was an extended downtime lastnight.  Try again today ;)

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