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The Classes

caleb224caleb224 Member Posts: 4

This game has five classes. If you are struggling over picking the best one. Warrior's are strong and have a lot of hp, they can use 1handed sword and a sheild or you can use a axe. This class is not very good at leveling up, but they are strong. Assasins, are very strong in 1vs1 and in PvP, but like warrios they are not good at leveling. They can use 1handed swords and daggers or things like chakrams. Archers start out the most over powered class and are the strongest class at long range attacks. They are good at leveling because of their skills.   They can use 2handed swords or 1handed swords and dagger, their long range attack weapons are bow's or cross bows. The cross bow has more damage but the bow is faster. Next is Priest, they are good group players. They can heal, and they can do a good amount of damage too. They are good at leveling. They use wands with magic sheilds or staffs. Wands are faster and can get a magic sheild which gives better magic defence, or staff which is very good damage. And the last is wizards, they are very good in PvP and fast at leveling and they do a lot of damage. So have any questions? Well feel free to ask. Have fun playing 4Story!!



  • Genma187Genma187 Member Posts: 5





    im lvl 80 assasin. i must say sin is a very hard class, u got alot of skills ti handle with. 1 vs 1 sins are very deadly, but if u fight against an archer with reflect u definatly will lose (same lvl range).


    War is very hard for a sin, becasue u just got melee skills and no long range attacks.



    but i must say its very very fun to sneak invis to the ppl and kill them =)



  • Bigsword2Bigsword2 Member Posts: 8

    Originally posted by Genma187


    but i must say its very very fun to sneak invis to the ppl and kill them =)



    I feel the invisible thing is only useful against  wizard, priest and summoner though as warriors and archers can see you with counter skills they have.

    So basically the only thing your hide skill is good for is the easier to kill classes and getting past random groups of monsters, useless against harder to kill warriors and even harder archers.

  • kitcaliekitcalie Member UncommonPosts: 10

    you missed summoner o.O It is also almost all gear dependant when it comes to pvp.


    warriors can get great at lvling with the right axe. XD

    Last I checked Bigsword2 I as an archer can NOT see invis people without a Warrior or Assasin near me o.O

  • Bigsword2Bigsword2 Member Posts: 8

    Good eyes KitCalie, did not even notice the OP missed summoner and read it twice myself.


    Hmm, never played archer but when I used to duel them on my assassin and go camo/invisible they always saw me. After they made short work of me with their way too many skills, I'd ask them how they saw me sneaking up or holding back waiting for right opportunity to attack and I was told it was a skill they have. Sometimes there was no one else around, so unless they were using my own skill against me I have no clue how they saw me.

    I do not duel archers with my assassin any more as it's impossible to beat them as I never get close enough to even get in one hit because they never stand still. LOL

  • ellixxxellixxx Member Posts: 3

    well it's hard to decide.i'd be lvl 60 if had chosen only one class.T_T

  • ellixxxellixxx Member Posts: 3

    yeah archers are realy a pain espetialy in pvps.image

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