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Looking for a WoW replacement, something to feed the addiction?

jeradynnjeradynn Member Posts: 1

This is an incredible game for those into open ended mmorpg.  I used to play WoW, but this has its own advantages.


Definately suggest that you try it.


  • SaxonsRegenSaxonsRegen Member Posts: 4

    4story ftw! :D im also <3íng the chatban system aswell lol

  • AKundeAKunde Member Posts: 6

    i think 4story is a good replace for wow because its free and nice ^^


    and addiction ^^ i think every game make an addiction so you cound find a replacement for every 1 ^^


    but you coudl try to feed the hunger of gaming for a while^^

  • buraianburaian Member Posts: 3

    Yeah, they have some really good effect animations and innovative ideas. Everyone who sees me playing 4Story says, "Uh, that game looks like World of Warcraft, what is it called?" And then they download it ;)

    Questions? PM me.



  • Captain231Captain231 Member Posts: 19

    This is the Greatest WoW copy clone.. The price is right ....FREE!!!... Having a blast leveling and exploring .. the community seems to be helpful.. Cheers...

    Only Rugby releases the stress of Life.

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