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4Story In-game Questions

inspiron13inspiron13 Member Posts: 1

I've been playing 4Story for a while now so if you have any questions you would like answered concerning the in-game aspect plz let me know.


  • TiTangTiTang Member Posts: 1

    Wat is the best way to get +22 armors ??

  • SaxonsRegenSaxonsRegen Member Posts: 4

    Patients, plenty of cs and abit of luck lol :D Try keep a eye out for the rates aswell! ~Saxon

  • BinbinhoBinbinho Member Posts: 3

    to get to +22, you will have to be really lucky and upgrade in this order


    +10 -> +13 -> +16 -> +15 -> +18 -> +17 -> +20 -> +19 -> +22   (if everything goes right and you upgrade form +3 to +3)


  • caleb224caleb224 Member Posts: 4

    What is the best way to kill those pesky crax? I hate them -.- TiTang what is you best answer? How to kill your country?


  • Sparkplug90Sparkplug90 Member Posts: 4

    Bin..thers a thing called lucky numbers


    11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23


    those numbers are the best to upgrade from

    so if you are above theis number you will use a purification scroll to lower it donw 1 and then upgrade from there

  • Bigsword2Bigsword2 Member Posts: 8

    Binbinho, numbers were correct from my view.

    I'm not very sure about +11 being such a lucky number any more, I've had nothing but failures from +11 lately. +10 seems to be the better to work from now.

    +13 seems to be going downhill as well and getting a lot of failures.


    @ original poster, Question.

    Any idea when they are going to get the Tloader error fixed? LOL

  • Sparkplug90Sparkplug90 Member Posts: 4

    TLoader issues will persiste for ever....they shal never be fixed i do believe


    and ya upgrading is crappy lately

  • Genma187Genma187 Member Posts: 5


    upgrade system is very crazy in 4story. i spend now almost 1000 bucks and i just got 1 +20 1 +19 and a bounch +18s. other guys gettin with like 30 bucks +22 thats why im very hatefull about upgrading system...

  • kitcaliekitcalie Member UncommonPosts: 10

    The tloaders will only be fixed if zemi decides to figure out the issue and stop it or gets another anti hack system ...

    with the upgrading lol i all i can say I cant even get past +11 recently

  • GBRobbieGBRobbie Member Posts: 6

    Wow - posting goes crazy on 4Story today.  Is it because of the raising of the level cap to 90?  

  • kitcaliekitcalie Member UncommonPosts: 10

    Originally posted by GBRobbie

    Wow - posting goes crazy on 4Story today.  Is it because of the raising of the level cap to 90?  

    nah people are trying to get points to do that voting thing for an event =P

  • buraianburaian Member Posts: 3

    Yes, the upgrade system's percentage-to-succeed ratio has changed a lot and in regards to the tloader.exe, I've seen less and less issues on my end recently. (But that's just my experience.) You could end up spending hundreds just to get a +20 item.



  • BrifBrif Member UncommonPosts: 529

    All the accounts that posted in this thread that joined today are the same person.

  • Bigsword2Bigsword2 Member Posts: 8

    in reply to the last post, WoW I have multiple personalities I did not even know about. :)

    As to the Tloader errors, it was nearly non-existent at the end of April. I took a 2 week break from game came back and now at every seam in map and nearly every portal use I get the Tloader crash.  I'd say I make it 5% of the time successfully thru a portal now, my punishment for taking a 2 week break I guess. LOL

    Another question, why did the rating event disappear? Anything to do with asking people to vote 9 or 10? LOL   I was going to vote my conscience anyways no matter what, if I felt it did not deserve a 9 or 10 in that category, 4story was not going to get one. :)  They could accept my honesty or not to qualify for the now defunct event.

  • EdliEdli Member Posts: 941

    Originally posted by Brif

    All the accounts that posted in this thread that joined today are the same person.

    That's obvious but is funny watching a monologue. And there are parts where he doesn't agree with himself.

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