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what the hell??

i love that game, i was playing some other games for some time, not long, been online few days ago..

but now, when i try entering the game, i can enter character selection screen, and after choosing one and clicking "Enter World" it says "your premium..." but i have always been free player.. 


whats goin on there?


  • CzelsiorCzelsior Member Posts: 41

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 36,186

    Originally posted by Czelsior

    have a look here



    Don't waste your time going to the site, they don't have a clue either.  Just some rumors about something getting bugged or changing on May 30th and now no one can play a character above level 9 (or 10) and are restricted to a couple of zones.

    No official word of why this has happened but the rumors say its a bug or they are working on something atm.

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  • xbot7xbot7 Member Posts: 112

    of course i HAD a look there ;D

    and i SAW they didnt have a real clue..

    thats sad..


    spellborn is by far the most individual mmorpg out there, the most interesting way of using skills, (and aiming!)

    not the most recent game engine, but for the kind of (wounderful) artwork, its perfect fitting..


    (yeah dont mind my english, i am austrian haha)


    spellborn is a gem, 

  • MelanaMelana Member Posts: 32

    hey =)


    you can play the game if you change your acclaim password.

    i tested it and it really works!

  • xbot7xbot7 Member Posts: 112

    i could change acclaim passwd, but i couldnt change spellborn passwd..

    their website and account management webpage is horrible ;D


    well u CAN play .. but only up to L10.

    higher chars are restricted

  • MelanaMelana Member Posts: 32

    ehm your acclaim password IS your spellborn paswword =D

    and if you change it you can play until lvl 50 ^^

  • xbot7xbot7 Member Posts: 112

    no its not..

    well i changed it, i can loginto the website with NEW pass,

    but errm.. can only log into spellborn with OLD pass..

    (strange things happening ;D)

    lets see, if things will change.

    praise the lord, praise spellborn!

  • dodgetiggerdodgetigger Member Posts: 6

    It is also working for me: Changed my Acclaim password, then logged into Spellborn with my new password: Could play my lvl 40 char without a problem.

  • xbot7xbot7 Member Posts: 112

    hmm interesting:

    have you been subscriber before?

    my account has bee nfree since its beginning..

    (maybe thats the difference)


    but as said before: i changes acclaim pass, i loginto acclaim site with new password, but spellborn only accepts the old pass.

    strange things happening ;D (computers are alive, i am sure!)

  • xbot7xbot7 Member Posts: 112

    today it worked..

    a changed it again!

    now both (site and game) want the same password, and NOW, it works t oload higher char ;D!!


    thank u all,

    hope spellborns forums will know that issue soon too

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