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I need your help.

SarnathSarnath Member Posts: 74

I need your help. I am currently running a Star Wars Saga Edition pen-and-paper (P&P) game and am having trouble finding reliable places from which to purchase individual Star Wars Miniatures. I tried googling it but was not very impressed with the results. Many of the places that turned up were businesses that I had never heard of and looked a lil.. shady... when I visted their website. Part of the problem is that Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has lost their license from Lucas. They had until the end of May this year to release new products and until the end of August to sell off their inventory. Hence everyone is dumping them and most places don't even list them on their home page anymore. I tried ebay but have yet to win a single auction there (just bad luck I guess).

So can anyone suggest a good reliable business that sells individual Star Wars Miniatures? If worst comes to worst, I guess I would wait until Gen Con in Indianapolis later this year but patience is not my strong point.

Any help here would be greatly apprefciated.

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