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Couple questions

ZenNatureZenNature Member CommonPosts: 354

Just started playing this, and feel like I missed something. Two questions I have:


1) Is there any customization at all in character creation? I read the review and it said gender and face was set, but are there no choices at all aside from character class or did I miss them? I guess I just couldn't believe what I read lol


2) Do you get anything beyond the basic attack at level 1? I went out of the city to fight, kept trying 1, F1, or click the first skill icon, but my character never did anything other then the generic attack after clicking a mob.


I think I can figure out the rest though. Definitely not the worst F2P game I've played... yet lol



  • ZenNatureZenNature Member CommonPosts: 354

    Answered my own questions. No customization whatsoever. Two different control types that kept me from using my first ability. And definitely the worst F2P game I ever played lol Graphics aren't bad though, aside from there being only one appearance per class.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    it isnt called dekaron in america,cant recall the exact name!.

  • ZenNatureZenNature Member CommonPosts: 354

    Acclaim's version of it is called 2Moons, but you can still play Dekaron Global from America. I took that route because I heard the security and updates were better. I'm really glad I didn't play 2Moons now after supposedly playing the better version.

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