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Formerly Orka. General thoughts.

ZikielZikiel Member Posts: 1,138

Hey guys, just posting to say that Camon Hero is the updated Orka Online. I doubt most of you know it, but Orka was hosted for a short time by GamenGame back in 2008.

Having run through Orka, I thought I would talk about some of the stuff you're going to see.

Graphics: Decent enough. Probably around the same level as Flyff. Styling is very cartoonish and bright. Charater customization was very limited when I played, so you would rely on your armor and weapons to differentiate you from others.


Gameplay: You play as a card summoner, and call upon monsters to fight alonside you. There are no set classes, you pick what skills and weapons you want, which will define your role. Monsters occupy your number keys, and skills are on the F-Keys.


Most of your cards will be random drops, but you can get plenty from card shops in towns. Some quests will give them as well. Monsters all cost a certain number of card points, which you can raise as you level up like any other stat. Each unit costs a different amount, so you'll usually have enough to summon several units at once. Each unit is typically 1-3 monsters, but some have more or less. For example: The most basic slime unit that every starts with can be upgraded to have more units, going from a 2 to 5, allowing to you go for a sort of zerg rush. The card combat is really more like a small scale RTS than say, Rappelz, where your monster is your combat partner. You'll generally just point your cards toward what you want to kill.

Monsters have different roles, and varying cooldown times, so it's best to see which units go best together in terms of skillsets and cooldown. Random card drops are very common, and you use cards to upgrade other cards. There's a chance this can fail, but card drops are common enough to make up for it.


Grind was very bearable when I played, you kill a lot of monsters, but you do it so quickly  that it doesn't feel like a lot of work.

Quests tended more along the lines of "go kill xx until it drops a number of y," but because the old hosts translation was so poor, I can't really say more about the matter.

- - - - -

General thoughts: It's not a bad game, but its strongest point is the card combat. The rest of the game is fairly unremarkable. If you're looking for a cute styled game, I'd recommend giving Camon a try, it's better than most of the rest in its field.



  • Elitekill4Elitekill4 Member Posts: 99

    Sounds like I game I heard about on the Gamecube, can't remember what it was and it was card-based. You could capture monsters and stuff and play them as cards.

  • ZikielZikiel Member Posts: 1,138

    Originally posted by Elitekill4

    Sounds like I game I heard about on the Gamecube, can't remember what it was and it was card-based. You could capture monsters and stuff and play them as cards.

     That's Lost Kingdoms. It's actually quite similar, but I didn't want to make the comparison because of how obscure LK is.

  • DeltaDreamerDeltaDreamer Member Posts: 1

    How bad are the micro transactions.  Like can someone who plays free 100% be as good as someone who say spends real money to beef up their character.  I think you get where i'am going

  • Tommy91Tommy91 Member Posts: 2

    You sure the graphics are not better than flyff?

  • ZikielZikiel Member Posts: 1,138

    Originally posted by Tommy91

    You sure the graphics are not better than flyff?

     Inferior now that I think about it. The screenshots in the user added content section are mine by the way.




    It's really a nonissue. Camon's combat has more to it, but Flyff has more to see and do. When I played Orka, the game area was tiny. Flyff has a huge world, there's not a lot to do in it, but it's fun to just go through it. Considering that all you'll be doing in both is grinding, I'd recommend Flyff. Flyff has dungeons, high population, and.. uh.. stuff. Camon is fun for a short term time waster.  

  • Tommy91Tommy91 Member Posts: 2



    Oh, thanks. Well, I have played flyff for the past 4 years with occasional breaks, so I know what it's like. To be honest screenshots like that are never a good thing to go by, but yeah. The only reason I asked is because I have been trying to find an alternative to flyff for a while now...preferably with better graphics, but similar gameplay, lotsa grinding etc. I didn't think it'd be so hard, considering flyff is five years old and all, but it's turned out to be difficult finding a new game.

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