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Monte Cristo Closing Their Studio

Vortex5ooVortex5oo Member Posts: 106



"Hello everyone,

This is with deep regrets that we officially announce today the closure of our studio. As such Monte Cristo will close its door this week. We leave behind us a couple regrets but also, more important, a lot of good memories…

But then what of Cities XL’s future ?

A publisher has shown up who will pick up Cities XL’s license, and who will continue to sell the game. This company will surely make itself known soon. We are confident that we leave Cities XL in good hands.

Current players shouldn’t be worried though! The solo game will keep on working and the online login system, mandatory to launch the game, remains in place. There is no change there. The Cities XL website also remains online, although obviously the online support is now longer available and we apologize for this.

One last time all the Monte Cristo team members would like to wholeheartedly thank the Cities XL players and community members who so dedicatedly took part in the life and evolution of this wonderful project.

We do hope that Cities XL has many more great years ahead of itself!

Signing off,

- The Monte Cristo team."



  • BesttheiswowBesttheiswow Member Posts: 301

    Man these devs are dumb..if symcity 4 is the best ever why on earth dont they just make another with same features and better graphics?? =win


    Nooo instead they try to inovate making a dumbed dons version of simcity 4..make it same and better..if its works continue it...why try to innovate...


    Make cityes xl like sim city 4 and online features like social city from facebook and see the game have milions of players..

  • JpizzleJpizzle Member Posts: 371

    Originally posted by Besttheiswow
    ...why try to innovate...

    worst. ideology. ever

  • EricDanieEricDanie Member Posts: 2,238

    Well... we'll definitely not see another online city builder attempt for years, unless it's pay-to-win based.

  • BesttheiswowBesttheiswow Member Posts: 301

    Originally posted by Jpizzle


    Originally posted by Besttheiswow

    ...why try to innovate...


    worst. ideology. ever

    If something works really good dont need to change ..put what works and add more..


    They just put new stuff that doesnt work,,,


    Check AOC combat..they make a new combat..its bad really other game has it..just stick with waht works best..and from there innovate...


    Dont try to innovate from the basics.


    How can a fking 50 years old simcity 4 be 1000000x better then a current sim? something is very wrong here copy the Foking game entirely and add more from online capability.

  • DreathorDreathor Member Posts: 537

    I did enjoy playing the game, but it was definitely a little 'simple' or 'basic' in comparison to other games. Probably put off a lot of real city-builder fans, which isn't a good thing. They really tried and put a lot of love into the online aspects of the game, it's a shame to see their ship sink.

    "If all you can say is... "It's awful, it's not innovative, it's ugly, it's blah.." Then you're an unimaginative and unpolished excuse for human life" -eburn

  • Vortex5ooVortex5oo Member Posts: 106

    I remember playing Monte Cristo's "Airline Tycoon:First Class" in multiplayer mode with a friend over 12 hours straight(with some food and bio breaks of course).


    Obsession in it's purest form. Damn, those were the days.

  • Hellscream07Hellscream07 Member Posts: 123

    Originally posted by Besttheiswow

    ...why try to innovate...

    You're right. Why the hell try to make something new when you can copy what worked before and do just fine? I mean, just check the rest of the MMORPG's, WoW worked great, the rest of the companies were smart enough to copy the same formula, and now they're doing grea....ah, wait, nvm.

    Seriously though, I haven't played the game but I did hear it was way simplistic compared to the older ones. In this case they could have gone with older simcity mechanics, put it together as a mmo and do much better probably. I guess the problem was that they aimed big and went with the "dumbification" that has gone mainstream in the last years.


  • MehveMehve Member Posts: 487

    Didn't play it either, but in lieu of a lot of reviews, there might be a reason it failed. Too many features not working on launch, too simple for the average city-building fan, and they were asking extra for DLC options that many felt should have been included from the start.

    And while there's a difference between good and bad innovation, it's worth considering that pretty much every Simcity and Civilization game has been MORE complex than its predecessor. For certain genres, especially those that try to offer immersion and a sense of total control, simple isn't necessarily a good thing.

    A Modest Proposal for MMORPGs:
    That the means of progression would not be mutually exclusive from the means of enjoyment.

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