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this cellphone was overshadowed by htc 4g!is it truelly as meek as use believe?i dont think so!

drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

surprisingly this phone didnt make a lot of wave when it was annouced even tho it claim to be one (if not)the best on the planet

normally i would dismiss these silly thot with a wave of my hand .but one fact remain.

samsung make most of the component in this cellphone and as we know they are one of the best in the semiconductor industry

i will  bet, power/battery charge is one of the best(this means run the test till the battery runs out.

one itsch tho since android 2.2 didnt exist in the past pretty mutch all data today is void since a lot compare 2.1 cellphone vs 2.2

since we all have proven 2.2 is a speed demon

When DO WE GET TO SEE QUADRANT TEST but will a full charge till battery is empty  with a android 2.2

cause lets face it for mobile smart phone single cpu is best and the faster the better but i do still want the longest battery longevity


in all those area i believe the samsung gt-i9000 galaxy s is probably the best on the planet

yes i saw the dual core smart phone

this is just plain silly

we can barly find application for dual core cpu computer and we would get dual core cpu smart phone?the guy that had that idea isnt bright thats for sure .he should have optimised the memory bandwith etc instead lol

ho well coming out of window 7 stable that doesnt surprise me .i sure as hell wont buy a dual core cpu smart phone

i dont want to keep it plugged because battery life suck!

on a side note

good job samsung keep up the good work!

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