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Star Trek: The Machinima Series

pcolapatpcolapat Member Posts: 36

Okay I finally completed the first 30 minute episode in this series. It is called A Voice for the Voiceless.Some of you may have already seen the first two chapters. The third chapter is the conclusion to this episode. I am hammering out the storyline for the next episode, Return to Gothos ,due out in July. It will be a sequel to the original series episode The Squire of Gothos. In the original series episode an entity named Trelane kidnaps some of the crew and keeps them on his planet for his own amusment. At the end of the episode Trelanes parents make him release the crew and tell him it is time to come inside. My episode will take place two years later, Trelane seeks out the Enterprise and subjects the crew to more of his games. I don't want to give too much away, but at the end of episode three of A Voice for the Voiceless, there is a teaser screen shot for the next episode. If you haven't seen The Squire of Gothos , you should, it is one of my favorite episodes. I hope you enjoy the first episode of Star Trek: The Machinima Series, and I will see you all again in July for episode two

Chapter One


Chapter Two


Chapter three (NEW)



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