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Why Wurmonline sticks

obsessedrpgrobsessedrpgr Member Posts: 5

I played This game for 3 years. Over the coarse of those years i was teased, called names, and nothing was done about it from the devs. For about two years i put up with the makers nonsense of changing everything. PVP, no pvp and deleted this delete that, change this change that. He can never make up his mind. AND he doesnt take suggestions from players at all. He strictly makes the game harder and harder. there for i saw more players go then i have seen come. The newest server was a big disapointment. Rolf says its a non- pvp server but guess what the last nonpvp server he made pvp and people loose the things they worked hard to make or get the in game cash to buy. I noticed that when there was a spike in players he would make the game harder. I think because he got the 'taste' of money. He also changed it from free - ish to only pay. Overall this game is unpredictable, unorginized, and really frusterating. I give this game 4 stars when i started it 4 years ago(ive stopped for 6 months) and only 1 star now. There are also so many bugs in this game its serprising that it runs at all!

Oh i forgot, you can also take to the seas. Build a boat and sale to find your perfect place to build your house, hunt, and more!


On the other side the wildlife is unique. There are Bears(was my favorite) horses, chickens,pigs,crocodiles,Trolls, Cattle(cows, bulls), Boars(nasty critters STAY away from these), Goblins, Anacondas(also NASTY and HARD to kill) , Lava spiders, Lava Fiends. There are also classes of monsters here are SOME of them: Champion are huge and you need good armor, weapons, and skill. Greenish ones have a greenish tint to them and they are slightly weeker then champs. There is also,Angry,shy,Diseased, oh gosh its been so long i cant remember the rest. Then there is regular ones(with no other names in their name).


Now about the things you can do:

My favorite thing to do was to Tame and breed Creatures. But i liked Carpentry,masonry, farming, leatherworking(working on leather for armor)


Really there are alot of things to do in this game. If you have the time,money, energy, and pationce then this game is for you. if you dont have patiance then its not for you.

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