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Disapointing moments in MMORPG's

oakfootoakfoot Member UncommonPosts: 15

I thought I'd write this stuff down concerning my disapointment that seems not to be getting smaller but growing as more new games hit the MMO market and new ways to get us to pay for there creation and I feel that once your in the developers could care less how we hard core gamers feel about the condictions of the games. We deal with DM's or like in many games (Guides) that are if anything else powerless to help or do anything and only state the rules to you and apologise for not being able to do anything. Now we have the next insult in the form of Free to Play game's that arn't always F2P even though they claim to be.

I started out playing everquest when it was in beta and 989 studio's own'd it and fixed any and all problems quickly and had guides with more to offer then an apology. The good old days. Then, suddenly with a slap in our faces, it was sold to sony who kept on churning out expansion after expansion till it reached I think 28 and at the same time, the fixes to the game got fewer and fewer till there just wern't any at all. I stayed through the class twinks and put up with Guides forcing me to change the names of characters whom I had been playing for four years and in the end, I was just to heart broken to stick around to see the game be ruined any more.

I moved onto the next best as it's called, the new buzz everyone was talking about that was soon to come out. Like Dark Age of Camelot. Even they couldn't keep there hand clean and before I knew it they were selling pieces of there game even after I had baught into the next expansion.

I left gaming for a few years before I heard about a new MMO-RPG, being created from the old pen, paper and dice game I had played as a young man and although it was subsciption based, it was fully open and crisp and clean, back to the real fantisy. I few years into the I left for greener pastures for a land known as Warcraft.

Warcraft was again the next best and I got in on the third day of its first live year. I stayed there for a few years but even then it seemed like business as usual crept in and quest went a rye and then classes started getting twinked and before I knew what was happening I was surfing the web for yet another next best.

My story as it is, go's on through a few other games like Lord of the Rings, but I eventually left to return to stand alones which for no other reason had a plot your could count on, and classes that wern't subject to twinks unless it was because of the new armour you dawned.

But......being a hard core gamer has its own demons and most of us don't fade away for long before we're called out of the shadows to play yet again. And so it was with this one.

I came back to play D & D Unlimited only to find out it should have been called Limited since it wasn't really a F2P but more of a F2P till you reach level 10 and then if you want to see the rest of the game you ether have to buy a limited pass or Cane you guess...A full subcription so you can be a V.I.P. and play the entire game. So much for the Fraud of calling it free to play.

Lastly I heard about a game called Runes of Magic, the new market. True you can play the entire game from Lv1 to Lv60 and never pay a dime and never have to dish out a penny to go into the new areas but then there's catch, the market they've set up so you can twink your own character so you become almost god like and rarely ever die. There's big bucks to be made there and they do make them. If you have game issues they take you back in time to the days when the guides had no other power other then to apologise because they can't do anything about anything and there are rules most people never read so they can just to the game and get started that come into play suprisingly.

I still play and will still search for the perfect MMO, even though I may never find one.

The last thing I have to say is something I know and hard core player will understand. We've made friends, we've battled together, laughed and raged together, helped each other defeat the most uber monsters and claimed victory.

People vanish into the mist.......never to be seen or heard from ever again. This fact is one of the most heartbreaking parts of MMO's.

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