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Xbox 360 Help

ZtekanZtekan Member Posts: 261

Hi there ,


Simple question , can i hook up a xbox 360 to a pc screen "Samsung" 22^ Widescreen"


This is so i dont have to buy a TV since that is not of intrests

System Specc
Intel I7 4770K 3,5 ghz
16Gb RAM 1600 mhz
Nvidia GTX 780


  • PsychoMarinePsychoMarine Member UncommonPosts: 13

    Go out to Best Buy, or some other place that you can buy 360's/parts for them, and look for a VGA cable. One end should look normal that plugs into the 360, the other should look exactly like the end of your monitor cable. Plugs right in. :) (it should also have another end that you can plug your speakers into)

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