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Aion account hacked,best support process?

doorb7doorb7 Member UncommonPosts: 61

Hey all, im sure many of you have experianced the problem of trying to come back to aion, only to find your account has been hacked and you cannot even get into your main NCsoft account. I have got this problem, and though i have used there support system via asking them a question, i have only had one reply (on two different occassions) asking for an alternate email address for them to use as my new ncsoft account. However both times i have been stuck at this and been left for days with no answer. I was just wondering if the people who got their accounts resolved used the ncsoft website's support feature or did it by telephone? thanks in advance!



  • ExarchiceExarchice Member Posts: 10

    I wouldn't go back to Aion if I were you to be honest, if you do manage to get your account back it will be completly striped, and items will not be refunded... Got hacked back in december, got my account back in feb finally, thanks to their crappy customer support, had a few days left on my account. They refused to replace my items, also refused to give me a refund. GL going back to em is all I have to say, maybe you will have better service.

  • bound4hadesbound4hades Member UncommonPosts: 83

    If you talk to Ncsoft with some respect and not just lash out at them for your account getting hacked, they will respond quickly and restore your account with ease. I had my account hacked and the matter was resolved in 3 days. As for getting your items restored, if you have ever bought or sold in game money, they will investigate your accound and find it. If they find proof, you will not get restored, they will consider you getting stripped a punishment and just leave it at that.

  • gummy52gummy52 Member Posts: 31


    When mine got hacked->banned, it took less time than my lvl60 WoW Account took to get it back back in the original Warcraft. That's what I remember =) Got everything restored, etc. Wasn't too bad an experience.


    (~2-3 days)

  • HerodesHerodes Member UncommonPosts: 1,494

    So the people who got "hacked", didn´t use their accounts for a longer time?

  • EricDanieEricDanie Member UncommonPosts: 2,238

    I used the website support, got my account back with every single item it had in 3 days, that was around 2 months ago.

  • ArradienArradien Member Posts: 49

    NCSoft are pathetic in their customer service. Many people I know and lots of people on many MMORPG boards will not touch NCSoft with a barge pole. To be honest, I would not play any of their games as they don't care about you or even want to help if you have a problem. You are perhaps lucky that your problem is with AION and that you probably will get it all back but if it is with Lineage 2 you will get nothing or very little back. They have poor understanding of problems, they don't care what happened or how and they show no respect to you. Just dont play any NCSoft game and you will be a lot happier in life.

  • PalomidesPalomides Member Posts: 33

    I recently went through the process myself.  I contacted them via  and I suggest you do the same.  I got my account back but I have mixed feelings about the experience.


    1. They were able to recover my account and they had locked it because they suspected it had been hacked.

    2. My account was restored pretty quickly after I had contacted them (less than a week)

    3. Both support and GMs answered my questions and addressed my concerns directly.

    4. As a courtesy, since my character had been stripped of all gear, they gave me a full set of gear and some money (kinah).


    1. Responses to my emails sometimes took several days, even for simple questions.

    2. All of my gear was blue quality and the replacement gear they gave me was all  white quality NPC vendor garbage - apparently the "log" did not date far enough back for them to see what I had ( it had only been a few months).  I explained this to them, and all they could offer me was "sorry".

    3. The money they gave me was 20,000, my character had roughly 250000 - the economy has been inflated pretty bad on my server due to kinah farmers and bots, so I have far less money in what is now a hyper inflated economy.


    Needless to say, I have yet to reactivate my account.  I enjoyed Aion very much and only left because my job kept me from playing for a little while.  Now that my character has been raped and NCsoft fell short on helping me out, I find it really hard to return to this game.  I dont see any point in building my character back up when there is a chance that I could just lose everything again and NCsoft cant'/wont fix it, and there are a couple awesome games that are getting close enough to release that I wonder if this game will survive at all.


  • doorb7doorb7 Member UncommonPosts: 61

    Thanks for the posts. i got it back, within a week of contacting them. tho i have had mixed results too, instead of my level 20+ character on castor, i got an assassin level 40 on a french server, with over a million kinah etc, and another level 10 assassin on a french server lol! would be good if i could get the 40 transfered to an english server lol!


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