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Man Final Fantasy 13 is so crap.



  • spankybusspankybus Member UncommonPosts: 1,367

    Originally posted by ChaosInc

    ...But not that you crybabies need to worry any more as it sounds like this will be the last console FF game.   After this, you guys can stop worrying about another "crap" game taking away from your WoW time.

    Do you have a link that states this to be fact?


    That would kind of suck, what a crappy note to go out on!

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  • eyeswideopeneyeswideopen Member Posts: 2,414

    Originally posted by spankybus

    Originally posted by ChaosInc

    ...But not that you crybabies need to worry any more as it sounds like this will be the last console FF game.   After this, you guys can stop worrying about another "crap" game taking away from your WoW time.

    Do you have a link that states this to be fact?


    That would kind of suck, what a crappy note to go out on!

    Appears they're either considering giving FF to another company or planning on making it anything other than an RPG.

    At any rate, it wouldn't surprise me now if XIII killed the series.

    First, one of their own devs stated befor release that FFXIII wasn't an RPG, which kinda slapped people in the face. Turned out he was basically right.

    Then you had Square-Enix responding to people upset by the linear nature and particularly the lack of interactable towns instead of shops-in-a-savepoint by stating making high definiton textures for towns was too much for any dev to do with current restraints, while forgetting that the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi,  who left SE to form his own company because he didn't like the direction they were taking FF, had already shown them to either be liars or incompetent by releasing his game Lost Odyssey.

    Lost Odyssey, by the way, was more like FF than FFXIII ever would be. Which shows he was the real brains behind the series the whole tme. SE fucked up when they drove him off.

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  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    Well, from this westerner's point of view, Lost Odyssey was meh, and Blue Dragon sucked. I bought and played both for roughly a few hours before deciding I didn't like em. The gameplay in both was the majority of the decision, but the characters/story was part of it too, and in the latter respect, Lost Odyssey wasn't that bad, save a couple lame ancillary characters.

    The same thing applies to the later SE lineup too, like the new Star Oceans and FFs. They used to have a relatable range of characters, and now it seems they are drawing inspiration from the anime craze over there when to comes to how cliche they decide to make the character lineup. I mean, the Sazh dude from FF13 has a bird living in his afro... and somehow they decided to make *him* the relatable one. I guess they had to after making a *bird live in his afro*.

    I respect Japanese zanyness because they are doing the world a justice through their entertainment mediums, but for once I would like to see them take a single setting seriously enough to not try to appease literally everyone. It's like they only make games that would reach a demographic ranging from high school kids to the creepy guys on subways.

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  • HrimnirHrimnir Member RarePosts: 2,415

    I think what makes FFXIII so frustratingly bad is how fantastically awesome it could have been, had square realized that you don't "fix" what's not broken.  The reality is the game has a fantastic combat system, excellent graphics, art, etc, and a decent storyline.  What ruins it is the crap item system, the constant forced and horribly overdone cinematics, and the lack of traditional elements that existed in all other FF RPGs, such as: visiting new towns, having to talk to people to discover information, finding the new item merchant, etc, etc.

    I hate to use such a crude comparison, but this is the only way i know to explain it:

    FFXIII is like finding a beautiful, funny girl who you think really could be the one, then a few hours later discovering she has a penis.  Overall, a minor detail, but one with far reaching implications and easily capable of ruining the entire package.

    (yes i know some people are into that, work with me here)

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  • IIRLIIRL Member Posts: 876

    Originally posted by GTwander

    Originally posted by SonikFlash

    yea it was basically the worst final fantasy to date.



    Ask anyone and they will tell you that 20 hours into FF13 and the game starts to get good. I haven't even played it, but there is enough feedback for that point to take it serious. Either truck on, or give up and let those guys make fun of you.

    Played it 68 hours, no joke. Did all the l'ci monster hunt missions, the only part that was remotely ok.

    Other than that you basically run in god awful linear enviroments (except the forest, it was kind of cool, because of the leaves).

    Fights are far from complex, you can basically sleep through every fight if you aren't dumb as a bucket. All the bosses were a joke except the first eidolon, well being fairly new it caused about 3 deaths.

    The characters are so weak, they overact every single thing, the story is also awful since the how they build the world/universe further more made the entire story phony.

    I can imagine that this game is only enjoyable for young teens that have not played any previous installment of the series.

    And a game that would require you to spend 20 hours into it until you can enjoy it is just plain wrong, this game was tedious, too much time wasted for the weak free roam reward at the end.

    Did I talk about the combat system? Why the hell dont they let you control all your characters in depth, and the lvling system was also plain idiotic, it's basically grind, go in menu and hold button. You need to max it to be able to kill the high grade l'cie bosses.


    I wanted to love this game, I sat through the entire playthrough trying to convince myself that this is a good game, but everytime a character opened his mouth or the story progressed it made it impossible, basically it was a mild torture until you killed the final boss and got to do something almost challenging.



    So if you want to waste alot of hours mostly running and watching akward characters with a story that only... I don't know who in their right mind would get drawn into this world.


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  • BathnorBathnor Member UncommonPosts: 137

    Sad that it takes 20+ hours for a game to get good. I'd get bored and return it before then. I have played every FF game up to 11. My favorites are the old ones, say 7 and earlier. The games now focus to much on shiny grafics and cut scenes every other turn. I don't mind nice grafics and a cut scene every once in awhile is cool, but if I wanted to watch a movie ... I'd watch a movie, not play a game.

  • Rockgod99Rockgod99 Member Posts: 4,640

    I need to play this Lost Odyssey game.

    I wont touch Blue Dragon because dragon ball art suck nuts but LO looks interesting.

    I've long given up on Jrpgs but ill give that game a shot.


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  • HitechLolifeHitechLolife Member Posts: 210

    Single player final fantasy died the day I heard the horrible american voice acting in 10. I was 5 -6 years into trading fansubbed anime on vhs at the time so there was no way I could get into it

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  • YoohoomeYoohoome Member Posts: 22

    Realyl? sorry I haven't played this yet. I thought it was good though >.<

  • WolfhavenWolfhaven Member Posts: 3

    Well the problem with FF XIII is also that it calls itself an RPG, which it isn't. There's no role-playing to speak of, no choices whatsoever. It's a J-Adventure game with pretty cinematics, though in my opinion it could lose a couple of hours of the more pointless fighting just to get to point "B" from "A". Simply put, if it's going to be a cinematic-adventure game, I'd rather have more of the cinema, and less of the endless killing enemies in a repetitive way. My 2 cents.

    Also.... WTF is it with japanese and little kids in games!? More mature games please, with mature characters portrayed. 

    On the plus-side - thank god for Bioware. They're on the right track. <3

  • eyeswideopeneyeswideopen Member Posts: 2,414

    This shows how great FFXIII was.

    March 2010

    1. PS3 God of War III - 1.10 million

    2. NDS Pokemon SoulSilver - 1.02 million

    3. PS3 Final Fantasy XIII - 828,200

    4. 360 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 825,500

    5. NDS Pokemon HeartGold - 761,200

    6. 360 Final Fantasy XIII - 493,900

    7. Wii New Super Mario Bros. - 457,400

    8. PS3 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 451,200

    9. Wii Fit Plus - 429,600

    10. PS3 MLB 10: The Show - 349,200

    11. Wii Sports Resort

    12. Wii Just Dance

    13. 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    14. 360 MLB 2K10

    15. NDS New Super Mario Bros.

    16. Wii Mario Kart

    17. PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    18. PS3 God of War Collection

    19. PS3 Heavy Rain

    20. NDS Mario Kart


    April 2010

    1. 360 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction - 486,100

    2. NDS Pokemon SoulSilver - 242,900

    3. Wii New Super Mario Bros. - 200,300

    4. NDS Pokemon HeartGold - 192,600

    5. PS3 God of War III - 180,300

    6. Wii Sports Resort

    7. 360 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 166,000

    8. Wii Fit Plus

    9. Wii Just Dance - 144,000

    10. PS3 Super Street Fighter IV - 143,000

    11. Wii Monster Hunter Tri

    12. PS3 Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

    13. NDS New Super Mario Bros.

    14. 360 Super Street Fighter IV - 108,000

    15. PS3 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    16. 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    17. PS3 MLB 10: The Show

    18. Wii Mario Kart

    19. PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    20. 360 MLB 2K10


    Name another major Final Fantasy game that was missing from the top sales charts the next month after its release.

    -Letting Derek Smart work on your game is like letting Osama bin Laden work in the White House. Something will burn.-
    -And on the 8th day, man created God.-

  • IllyssiaIllyssia Member UncommonPosts: 1,507

    For me Final Fantasy 13 really swung into action when I hit the Chocobos, the game becomes non-linear in a way from that point on and you can even do stuff like grind mobs, which I know is a very sandbox type of gameplay thing to experience.

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