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NA still blocked from playing RF?

KualaBDKualaBD Member UncommonPosts: 131

A while back I had heard RF was not playable by North America, that they were blocking access to us.  Just recently I had heard though that they lifted that restriction and we could now play, so I tried signing up for an account.

I've run into a problem though.  When I enter my E-mail into the signup page, where they verify your E-mail by sending you a code for the code line of the sign-up page, I'm not getting any E-mail from them.  I've even checked the spam mail folder to make sure it wasn't placed in there but still no luck.  So basically I can't finish the registration process.

What I want to know is if they're verifying my location by my ISP and blocking my registration (if North America is still unable to play) or if maybe it's because of my E-mail provider not getting the E-mails for some reason (I use AOL).  Is there something I need to do I'm just missing or am I just not gonna be able to play?

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.


  • KualaBDKualaBD Member UncommonPosts: 131

    Over 70 views so far and no response...

    Does that mean no one knows the answer or that no one that plays RFO speaks English?

  • DreathorDreathor Member Posts: 537

    Originally posted by KualaBD
    Over 70 views so far and no response...
    Does that mean no one knows the answer or that no one that plays RFO speaks English?

    Seemingly both, sorry.

    I'm sure I saw some advertisements for RFO on this very website recently though, so I don't see why NA would be blocked. Maybe you're signing up on the wrong website or something like that?

    "If all you can say is... "It's awful, it's not innovative, it's ugly, it's blah.." Then you're an unimaginative and unpolished excuse for human life" -eburn

  • fatboy21007fatboy21007 Member Posts: 409

    your answer ------->

  • u18bu2sa0ku18bu2sa0k Member Posts: 144

    if you mean the one hosted by CCR ( then  yes , NA was never blocked there, its an international server.


    however they ruined thier own game in so many ways,the population is critically low.not to mention the lag (its hosted in korea lol)

    every die hard RF player that i know back from from old (now closed) Codemaster servers left playRF  and playing on a Private server.if you ever wanna experience this game in its full glory i suggest you do the same.

    i cant say anything about them but ill leave you 2 hints: Reactor , Equilibrium .

  • KualaBDKualaBD Member UncommonPosts: 131

    Thanks for the responses everyone.

    I was trying to sign up through the PlayRF site that the game list here on mmorpg links to as the official site so it's a shame that I couldn't get an account going as I'm hungry for a sci-fi mmo to dabble around in casually.  I had heard about the Codemasters version closing down (mentioned in the previous poster's link) and knew that the game was then Asian only for a while, but hen I heard they had opened it up again Internationally (thus the PlayRF site) but since I can't get signed up I'll pass on the game then.

    I might look into the private server thing, though I've never played any mmo on a private server before, but if it's a hassle I'll just continue looking for a different f2p sci-fi game.    If only Anarchy Online was done with it's graphics upgrade.  Everything else that looks interesting is either still in development/beta or is subscription only.

    Thanks again all.

  • fatboy21007fatboy21007 Member Posts: 409

    Try the email several times in a row. sometimes its slow. Turns out i actually do have an account on this website. and im redownloading the game now. I'll tell ya guys if NA can play this or not in an hour :-) <----- east coast (wv)

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