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Whish i could have played this game

BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174

I was looking for something to pass time untill APB comes out and i thought this game would work but When i try to download the patches i keep getting download failed [404]. If i try for about 15 mins a patch it will eventaully  connect just to have the next patch do the same thing. im not sure how many patches this game has but i dont really want to sit through this. Anyone else having this problem that might know a way out? i couldnt find any manual patches for it


Also if the rest of the game might be like this please let me know. i know gpot's reuptation but i thought i could milk some fun from it


  • Player143Player143 Member Posts: 42

    i had the same problem.  they said that with aika NA its a more complicated thing for windows to run something like that. 

    have you tried posting in there own forums? 

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