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Gaming places you stop by around the internet

bronecarbronecar Member Posts: 685

I was curious about what gaming sites are you frequently visiting to quech your first for information.


I will list mine: MMORPG, mmosite, massively, gamespot, gametrailers.


There are some others, but these are the places I stop by most often.


How about you? image


  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    The one's you listed plus vg247 give me everything i need, they're some other small ones like tentonhammer, Zam and the like who have an interesting article once in a awhile but the others are more than enough.

  • ShojuShoju Member UncommonPosts: 776, Massively, Ten Ton Hammer and a couple of official game sites for the games that I follow.  I also follow a couple of gaming blogs, but nothing religiously.

  • Wharg0ulWharg0ul Member Posts: 4,183

    This one.


  • MurashuMurashu Member UncommonPosts: 1,386

    I know I'm going to get flamed for one of these, but I do think Brad can still be a great dev, he just needs to stay away from the business side of things.

  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    mmorpg, ign and escapistmagazine.

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  • seraphis79seraphis79 Member UncommonPosts: 312

    The only two sites I really visit are:

    1. mmorpg

    2. gamasutra

    3. gamespot

    I'll browse a few if I see a good link here or there but for the most part I just read up on the new posts and go about my way.

  • Wharg0ulWharg0ul Member Posts: 4,183

    Originally posted by jmsgalla

    The only two sites I really visit are:

    1. mmorpg

    2. gamasutra

    3. gamespot

    I'll browse a few if I see a good link here or there but for the most part I just read up on the new posts and go about my way.



  • r6751r6751 Member Posts: 6

    I hope somebody lists my game:


    WW2 The Big One    at

    WW2 The Big One
    Detailed pbem

  • malrodmalrod Member Posts: 87

    mmorpg, ign, massively

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  • spookydomspookydom Member UncommonPosts: 1,782

    Here are my fave's in order of awsomeness

    1 -

    2- The Escapist

    3- Massivly

    4- Porn Hub  (for the articles about gameing)

    5- IGN

  • SuperXero89SuperXero89 Member UncommonPosts: 2,551






  • VaenVaen Member Posts: 140

    Mainly on a Finnish IT site, where the discussion is relaxed, mature and lots of off-topic. Sometimes I stop by here. I also read couple of beta forums. The bigger sites don't really interest me, apart from this one, but gotta say this site is quite depressing to read sometimes.

  • pureckjpureckj Member Posts: 28

    VG247 is good

    Bring back Vanilla WoW pvp

  • PunchoPuncho Member Posts: 29

    All of the above

    and ''onRPG'' too

  • CultOfXtcCultOfXtc Member Posts: 378





    Loads of others on ocasion...




    Oh and Eurogamer  - hahaha just joking, not after their appalling AoC RotG "review" - what a bunch of clowns.


    OR PM ME FOR A BUDDY KEY (need your email address).

  • DaywolfDaywolf Member Posts: 749

    Just here and some dev forums I'd rather not mention. Before here, I used to use Stratics dot com a lot, but that was when I played UO up to AoS. But I usually use one public game forum, a couple/few dev forums and then whatever guild forums. I rarely spend time at game forums run by the game publisher.

    M59, UO, EQ1, WWIIOL, PS, EnB, SL, SWG. MoM, EQ2, AO, SB, CoH, LOTRO, WoW, DDO+ f2p's, Demo’s & indie alpha's.

  • therock3000therock3000 Member UncommonPosts: 48
    surprise no one mention gamefaqs, but yeah..
  • BlackMan656BlackMan656 Member Posts: 8

    umm  hmm well i go on MMORPG because i think that one is the best they just know what im looking for i love it

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