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Dev's asking players about 1.3 release

PiasekPiasek Member Posts: 318

For me it quite strange, as GA player i cant agree with that



"We have two options available to us, let us know what you think.

Part I is almost complete and includes:

- The new weapon/loot/token system

- Ability to solo/co-op special op missions

- New weapons/devices for each class for level 30+

- Partial new UI

- The new AvA system

- Two new PvP maps

Part II is still in development/testing and includes:

- Open zones with quests

- Warzones (64 agent PvP)

- Defense/Raid missions (10 person PvE)

- New PvE special op missions and NPCs

The timeframe for release 1.3A would be about two weeks from now unless there are major AvA issues. (It's hard to test AvA without releasing it since we need a lot of players active at once)

Obviously we plan to clean up bugs along the way."


300+ vote said Yes / 70+ said No, totaly i cant agree with that,. Players voted yes  " give us, give us now" even if its still many "bugs" to kill, dont understand that when devs apply 1.3 they will start subs option, and after that ppl will whining again :-/



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