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Scariest Game



  • lightningjaclightningjac Member Posts: 92

    two worlds cuz the terrible voice acting had me curled up in a corner.

  • immodiumimmodium Member RarePosts: 2,580

    Originally posted by GTwander

    The RE dog-window has been played to death by now. Yes, it got me good back then, but it's like the scene in Friday the 13th where Johnny Depp is yanked through the bed and his blood hits zero-gravity. It's awesome, but has lost it's punch because of the oversaturation.

    It was A Nightmare on Elm Street, not Friday the 13th.


    Doom 3 was scary. Also Alone in the Dark 1 back in 1992. Scared me to death :)

  • VoltlivesVoltlives Member Posts: 280

    I can remember the first video game that actually made me jump out of my seat, it was the original Resident Evil.  My friend and I settled in on a rainy night to do some hard core non stop gaming.  We rented RE and started it, it was dark in the room, the air conditioner always made a slight rattle when the house settled at night, and we were at the first part of the game where we still getting a grip on where we should go.   He was controling the game and I suggested, hey, F this there is the front door let's just go back out side and see if we can get somewhere.  Yeah, we opened the door and that mutated dog head lunging out scared the hell outta me.  Kudos to them on that but since then most the moments in games are expected sadly.




  • DernsawDernsaw Member Posts: 14

    Silent Hill 2!

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