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Lack of details - Good or Bad?

GameMonger71GameMonger71 Member UncommonPosts: 122

This game has been in development for a while now.  There are very few details outside of a few movies of limited (very few simultaneous players) gameplay and the fairly meaningless dev talks.  My question is, when will this change?  When will solid, wide scale, multiple players at once type information be out there?  Is this thing even in closed beta yet?  I also wonder when the game will get a real webpage and forums instead of the very hard to follow Facebook page that contains little solid info.  Maybe I am just old and prefer webpage forums to Facebook...

Finally, does the lack of information concern anyone or is better since it may keep expectations low?




  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    what I posted in an earlier  thread

    fans will get a more extensive look at DC Universe Online at E3 in June

  • MysteryBMysteryB Member UncommonPosts: 355

    The lack of content doesnt concern me because alot of MMOs are like that, especially ones that are made in America. Alot of MMOs are released in Korea or Japan first which is why alot of leaked information and gameplay gets released on the internet, but in the case of American games they keep it under wraps, but it is the same the other way around, other countries will be looking at the footage and leaks when we get the game and until they get it they will watch all they can and learn about stuff that we already have. It is the same way with Star Wars The Old Republic, it is an American MMO and is being kept very quiet, they have released classes and such but not alot of gameplay and story revealed.

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  • EffectEffect Member UncommonPosts: 949

    I see the lack of details as a plus in a way. This way they don't over promise anything so when the game finally does launch the amount of disappointment will be low. I think this is why they've only confirmed Gotham and Metropolis being in the game and that both will be fairly large. Part of the problem with recent games is to much information I think and developers hyping their own game far to much. In the end games launch without what was promised. Warhammer Online being the latest in this regard. I think developers have seen how bad things can turn out if to much information is released or simply promised.

    What I really want to know about, and have been looking at, is how combat will be done and handled. Everything else I would like to be a surprise this time around.

  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912

    If you follow the facebook site, you get a lot of detail there from the videos.

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