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Quick review

I am a busy man so I could take only a little time to do this review but I had the need to do it since I played the original PC game for hours and hours so I felt I have something to say when we come to comparisions between both versions the original PC game and the online game.

First than all I must say this game lack a lot of polish, in fact I can say it was delivered at a hurry, some words still are in a language I don't know what is. Moreover some words of the interface appear out of place and disordered.

The game starts with little or no way to know what to do or how you can explore the world, it is confusing to know where you have to go and how to get there.

Once you are in the map it is very similar to the pc game and the same than the pc version it doesn't matter what the quest or the activity is you ended in combat always and it seems there is not other activity on game other than build and combat.

This game could be fun and refreshing for people looking for something different to try but for those who expent hours and hours in the pc version will become fed up soon since the game doesn't have anything new to offer to us other than the opportunity to combat a human opponent.

In overall the game deserves a 3 out of 5 for me, neither good nor bad, it is a refreshing approach to tactical combat however it doesn't appear to be a game which you can play for years or months, the lack of other mechanics and activities such as quests (real quests I mean), crafting, group exploration will kill player interests fast.

This is the kind of game that you will play for some weeks and then you will move forward.  

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