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Whether to go PvP or PvE server?

I understand the said differences between the two but my question is to those who've played on both and know the communities.  I loved pvp servers in wow but at least with wow you had two factions.  You knew who the enemy was and couldn't get ganked by anyone and everyone at low levels.  Of course I suck now at pvp.  I've only just gotten used to combat, haven't set up macros, etc.  Getting ganked 3 times, because you looked someone wrong, while questing and getting a nice "F you" in my chat is, well you know....

So I'm thinking of going to a PvE server but my question is will pvp games be just as active and competetive in PvE servers or will it mostly be about raiding?  I'm basically just going for PvP end game without all the hassle with world pvp while I'm leveling.



  • VultureSkullVultureSkull Member UncommonPosts: 1,774

    There are a lot like you, myself included who like pvp, but not the pvp open world pvp in AoC where there are no sides.

    However some love it.

    So on a pve server people are interested in mini games and they join them, however i can not tell you whether it is more or it is less than on a PvP server.

    There are seiges at end game too for pvp as well as the Shrines of Bori whcih take place in the BorderKingdoms, an area designed pvp(like open world pvp only in that zone) all of which can be done pn PvE servers.

    Or you could go n a Role playing PvP server where the 'gank' is not so bad.

    Finally, Funcom have promised to look at implementing cross-server minigames, which will equalise the mini-games between all servers!

  • catlanacatlana Member Posts: 1,677

    The amount of pvping on a pvp server is greater. However, there is quite a bit of pvping that takes place on the pve servers as well. Wiccana is pretty well known for group/guild pvp (sieges / level 80 minis for example).


    I would say that the average pvp ability is greater on pvp servers. The downsides for pvp servers are the sewer known as general chat as well as gank happy kids. On a pvp server, I highly recommend finding a guild very fast. Having a guild behind you really helps cut down the gankage level. 

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