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Does anybody play this game?

JoshBobJoshBob Member Posts: 6

I have really only just started, but I have only run into 1 other person so far, who was on their way somewhere. 

I've walked around a considerable amount and done some beginner quests... I don't think i could rate the gameplay as of yet...

But it seems I'm the only one playing.

How many people are in this game on a good day? Is it just the beginner area that's this empty or is it like this all the time?

Edit: Nevermind, seems nobody's posted in these forums since July 2009... Guess I can go ahead and clear up that space on my hard drive


  • porkpie2000porkpie2000 Member Posts: 1

    Yes There are many people that play this game the reason why you do not see many is because you are still in the campus, like myself, once u complete all the quests you will be allowed access to leave the campus and enter the real world. Feel free to add me on xfire, and on Ran my username is Askavarah. my group will help you out with anything you need and you can level up with us. 

    Dylan D. Vincent

    Xfire Username:Grummanf14

    Ran Username:Askavarah

  • MakurinaMakurina Member Posts: 13

    This game really isn't for me, I mean, there's one part of the school were a huge gang of half-naked female clones will kill you if you get too close to them, and that's pretty hard not to do, beacuse there were dozens upon dozens of them, and they were insanely powerful, if they hit you once, you'd better not be level one, or it's insta-death. Then there's the map. I've never seen such a poorly-navigated map system, it was impossible to find were they wanted me to go. But on the plus side, it is the only 3d mmorpg that my computer hasn't had a bit of trouble handling so far.

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