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YilelienYilelien Member UncommonPosts: 324

So I am trying the free trial of the game and so far its ok. I like the pace of the game and have been running the easy and medium missions.

 I am wanting to know what do you get for buying the game and i guess do you guys feel it is worth to sub to the game?


  • Naturalist99Naturalist99 Member Posts: 182

    When you buy the game from trial, you can obviously increase level to higher levels, you can craft, do more PvP modes I believe, since your a higher level you can also do more PvE modes and blah blah you know. As for subscribing, meh, not yet, dont sub till Sandstorm is out where you finally get a new town, open world areas, and more PvP stuff I think I heard, oh ya, and knew melee and guns. A lot of that stuff you still get without subbing, but it makes subbing more worth it.

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  • YilelienYilelien Member UncommonPosts: 324

    Thanks for the info. I guess i will play all the class's see what i like and wait for the patch before i do anything else!

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