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Alpha Testers for a Facebook RPG Game


Fight for your race, slay demonic beasts and save a Kingdom from ruin, the Facebook RPG Endless Chaosis finally here.


We are in need of alpha testers for a Facebook RPG game we're developing. Get an exclusive preview of what the game is all about by volunteering as an alpha tester.




  • Must have an aptitude for playing Facebook games (RPG / War Games) or other online MMORPG games.

  • Must be HIGHLY analytical and VERY critical

  • Ability to pick up glitches in the game (technical bugs, game balance issues, etc.) and able to provide suggestions for improvement.


You need to indicate in your application the different games you play. Moreover, kindly choose 1 among those games you listed and tell us about the things you like and don’t like about it and any suggestions you may want to impart in improving the game.


Please send your CV and accomplished write-up to [email protected].

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