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Acount suspended

charlespaynecharlespayne Member UncommonPosts: 371

Hi i created a new acount and verified it and activated key but when i goto log into game it says suspended.



  • wildchyldwildchyld Member Posts: 35

    The server won't be up and working until closed beta is active and a new client is ready for download.

    It will be a week or two :)


  • ChangYou2ChangYou2 Member Posts: 6

    Hey Charles, sorry to hear you couldn't get in :(

    Unfortunately right now the Closed Beta client is not yet available for download, so you won't be able to get into the server yet :(  The version you downloaded was the Pre-Closed version, and that is not compatible with the Closed Beta server.  You haven't been banned I assure you, so please be patient :)  We'll get you the instructions on downloading the new Closed Beta Client as soon as we can!

  • BigMangoBigMango Member Posts: 1,821

    Thanks for the heads up.

    But you are releasing beta keys, making us download a 1+ Gb client, install it, and then we learn that we have to wait 1 or 2 weeks ? Hmmm....

    Anyway, I hope that the game will support 1920x1080/1200 screen resolutions; because today I was scared away seeing the max resolution of 1024x768 in the option settings.

  • ChangYou2ChangYou2 Member Posts: 6

    Hey Bigmango, I apologize for the mixup here.  When you clicked on the giveaway link, we tried to make it clear that the Closed Beta Client wasn't available just yet and urged members to be patient while we prepared our servers for Closed Beta.  An e-mail will be sent out with instructions on where to download the client just a short time from now.

    It will only be 1-2 weeks between this giveaway and our client release, so all we can ask is for just a little more patience while we prepare the servers!

  • ChangYou2ChangYou2 Member Posts: 6

    The wait is finally over!  Closed Beta is set to begin on May 13th at 4pm PST.

  • AramathAramath Member Posts: 161

    You aren't missing much if you were waiting to get in.  Locked top down 2d/3d perspective.  Gaudy graphics.  I played for about 10 mins and was already getting a headache from having to dig my character out from behind some terrain feature due to the locked perspective.

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