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To make a MMORPG sell

ZtekanZtekan Member Posts: 261

When i first started with RPG , it was with pen and paper, i played mostly "Mutant" and somewhat D&D.

Anyhows those games are us agianst the them , "PVE"

The MMORPG started out well, with planety of PVE based games, with a touch of PVP,

But now the resent 2 years , its all about PVP , create a char , lvl up, go cast fireball on the apotion faction.

Thats ait fun in the long run, if i whant to play agianst other opponets and smight them hurt them for the plain thrill of PVP, i could aswell go play Battlefield , Quake , or any other games.

I think its like this.

Its easier to make a PVP game , Take Aion for example.

Make a world, put sevral creature in there, and make a area where you can PVP,

Okey , now we have a playground where you can lvl on mobs, and when you are done go to the area where you pvp.

Its sounds to easy to make that kind of game,

Take Everquest 2 as the other example, "Plain PVE".

1000 of 1000 of 1000 of quest, Heritage quests. Doungeons , instaces , dragons, a full living world of PVE with endless things to do ?

But to make 1000 of 1000 of 1000 of quest and Doungeons and instaces and such takes time and money.

So we have seen Aion ,Warhammer , and plenty of other games just die out real fast , ofc they have a small odiance , but thats about it.

When SWTOR comes out i will prace the god for a plain pure PVE game, we havent seen that in a while now.



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