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WW2 The Big One

This is a very detailed play by email wargame. Turns are 11 days = 1 game month. Players take roles as leaders, generals, and admirals and work on either the Allied or Axis side to fight the war.

There are three levels to the game and multiple types of activity. On the Strategic level, players are national leaders and deal with diplomacy, espionage, production, research, and planning the war.

The Operational level is where the plans become movement of land, sea, and air units. OP commanders issue the movement orders and when that movement results in contact with the enemy, it is the Tactical level players who fight the battles.

NO dice are used and no random number generating schemes. Results are based on conditions, strength of forces, and player decisions.

The game is free to play and the rules are a free download. Everything is done via email.

We are recruiting high-level command positions now for a new game beginning very soon. (May 2010)

WW2 The Big One
Detailed pbem

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