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game is gone, and they will never make a sequal

smitty0356smitty0356 Member Posts: 368

I hate to be the harbinger of doom, but this game has been dead for a couple of years, and since warner bros bought turbine and SOE has made mxo, there will never be a mxo 2.

Not to say the IP is dead forever, but it probably is.

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  • TavianTavian Member UncommonPosts: 8

    In a couple short months it will have been a year since The Matrix Online died.  In that time, there has been no indication from SOE that they ever plan on bringing it back or making a sequel.  As long as SOE holds the rights to The Matrix Online we will likely never see another commercially released Matrix MMO ever again. 

    The only real hope for a new Matrix online game lies in the hands of free, fan-based game makers.  One day a talented group of programmers may get together and make some kind of simple, yet fun Matrix MMO... you never know

    As for the original MxO? we may never see it again aside from a couple semi-functional emulator projects.  Progress with such projects is very slow since there is no way to collect new server packets.  Can an emulator even be made with just a few random packets from more than a year ago? It is hard to tell.

    In the year that has gone by since the end, I have seen many forum posts from fans asking to bring it back. I have seen pettions to SOE made. I've seen emulator projects come and go.  None of these efforts has changed anything.  The Matrix Online is still gone, SOE still has no clue how much potential for greatness the game really had (and still has). And I still have not found a game that even comes close to being like it.

    Is it time to finally say it will never come back? Maybe it is.  Even if SOE brought back MxO tomorrow would it be the same as we remember it? Would it be as good or as fun as we remember it from back then? Probably not. 

    The Matrix Online may be gone but for some of us it will never be forgotten. We still have our memories, both good and bad, of our time spent in the matrix. That is something SOE can never take from us.  They can close down their forums, stop talking about it and try to pretend that The Matrix Online never happened.  As well as we still remember all the good times we had in MxO we also remember who is responsible for bringing it all to an end.

    The Matrix Online may be gone but it isn't forgotten.

  • fyerwallfyerwall Member UncommonPosts: 3,240

    Originally posted by smitty0356

    I hate to be the harbinger of doom, but this game has been dead for a couple of years, and since warner bros bought turbine and SOE has made mxo, there will never be a mxo 2.
    Not to say the IP is dead forever, but it probably is.

     Actually SOE didn't make MXO.

    Monolith I think made the game for Warner Bros, who then brought the game to SOE after a few months of operation because the game wasn't doing well (and because SOE was interested in the rights for the DC MMO).

    Basically SOE took it off WBs hands in exchange for the rights to make DCU.

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  • LtldoggLtldogg Member UncommonPosts: 214

    I think the chances of a new Matrix MMO being made are less then 1%.  With that said, I hope it does get made and is completely different then MxO.  I played MxO and was a fan of it because of the IP and potential, but the gameplay was pretty bad. 

    For me, the IP still has much appeal and potential; I mean the basis of the movie is that you play a virtual avatar with superhero-like abilities in a dark, modern-age world/city with multiple factions.   One more thing, I would want the game's story to take place immediately after the first movie and ignoring 2 and 3 were ever made.

  • neolivesftwneolivesftw Member Posts: 163

    I done told yall MXO 2 be droppin rite?  I say AGAIN I mean why would SOE shutdown mxo if they ain't gonna make MXO2, THINK ABOUT IT. MXO had like 250,000 playas and tons of DAILY live events and stuff, who would be stopid enough to ditch that gig ya smell me??!

    BUT  ure all crazie. MXO 2 be is gunna be droppin on us soon son soon! Yo my boi rarebit be RPing up some mad flava to git ure mouf watered ya smell me? Yo! MXO da DUCE in alpha soon be beta and yall mofos betta reprenent NEO s0n. Down wit teh toastars BIG UP NEO!


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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 23,901

    I think more time needs to pass before the viability of a new matrix game comes to pass.

    The Matrix Movie was great. When I first saw it in the theater with all the rest of my fellow theater goers and when that first scene happened where the female protagonist (forgot her name for the moment) jumps up and hte camera does that odd swivel, that's when the audience realized it was in for something amazing.

    Then the other two movies happend and they were "ok". Had they been equally amazing I think the Matrix would have solidified itself even more so as being an iconic piece of sci-fi work. Not that it isn't now but the last two movies did not really help to create a huge momentum. They were more a momentum of expectation and hope.

    As it stands (and in my opinion) it is the first movie that has to carry that torch.

    Because of this the matrix goes on the same shelf as other classics such as Tron or Blade Runner or Logan's Run. All very interesting worlds hosting very interesting stories. Yet my sense is that though they will live on for decades a certain build up of nostalgia needs to happen before another iteration comes to pass.

    Essentially, the Matrix had its time in the spotlight. It was a product of the times and now it has gone, has passed in order to make room for whatever the next great thing is.

    But because of its unique nature and because of the impact that it had on audiences (and because it was so well done) it is not something that will permanently go away. It's iconic.

    My guess is that its continued life will be a bit like the big bang of the universe. It will essentially calm itself to some sort of homegeneous state where people are always semi aware of it, will make remarks about it, ocassionally talk about it but no more than that. but like the big bang, something will happen where there is a point of greater imbalance, a hot spot.

    This hot spot will explode and suddenly it will be thrust into the consciousness of audiences. And I'm not sure what that will be. Some studio will realize it's an interesting property and might make a remake. Or they might make a "new" one picking up where the last one left off.

    Or it might just become the subject of nostaligia and pick up momentum so that a 15 or 20 year anniversary edition is released, maybe rereleased in theaters and then we will have matrix fever again for a bit.

    But as it stands I think it will be many years before we see another matrix mmo if ever. Sorry.

  • JanetsyJanetsy Member Posts: 35

    I am extremely sad about this. A little piece of my gaming spirit died when the servers went down for good.

    My entire group left SWG for this, burned by NGE, and I absolutely loved this game. Was it polished? No. Were there problems? Oh yeah. Was I missing the richness and depth I was used to from SWG? Big time. This is another IP that should have had an epic production where an MMO by it's name is concerned.

    It didn't get it...

    I would really love to see a new Matrix game, with all the potential and want not. I don't see how it would happen though. This would not be a game you could do quick and cheap, if you wanted to do it right. Who's going to make such a big investment on this title? Investors will be looking at the performance of the last game, and saying naaaa... Too risky for me.

    Another great IP done in by a horrible injustice of MMO reality.

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