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I want to come back to it..... but...

ShadowWolf81ShadowWolf81 Member Posts: 10

I cannot for the life of me ever get registerd with the new hosting services. (were codemasters shut down and CCR picked it up to keep it alive)  Im guessing is were i need to go to get back into RF online again (just want something to play to keep me occupied between schoolwork.. so i dont realy care that the 'leet' stuff is payed only and anyone not paying for it is 100% gimped =) )... But... ive tried 5 different e-mails.. 3 different names.. and i NEVER get the confirmation e-mail to set up an account =(...

And no, its not getting lost in a spam filter or folder, it simply never gets sent to me.  Anyone else have issues trying to set up an account with CCR?  Or anyone that has NOT have trouble with it willing to gimme a hand getting an account made since they seem to hate me for some reason? o.O


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    there is an asian one called rf renew if i recall but couldnt find an english version and yes codemaster lost the right to publish it since they couldnt agree with the owner or publisher of rf!

    your sitelink might the proper one but i m not sure last i heard nobody had publishing right outside of asia

    they re supposed to make their server in asia avail to everybody and have diff langage that will work on the asian server

    a bit like for now you might have to wait .one thing is sure in asia this game is still very much alive!

  • ShadowWolf81ShadowWolf81 Member Posts: 10

    Well CCR is the origional owner/publisher... so its the right website sofar as i know as its strait from their own website =D.. i just cant for the life of me get the registration to work =(

  • ShadowWolf81ShadowWolf81 Member Posts: 10

    hmm Tried again.. with a g-mail account.. and it worked!.. though, i think i know why it didnt work befor.. My e-mails have both Capitol letters and lowercase letters.. im almost positive, when i was entering my e-mail in the registration thing at like normal, whatever system CCR uses to process the Registrations either dosnt recognize capitol letters, or dosnt see them as what they actualy are (uppercase of a lowercase letter).. This time around i enterd the e-mail fully in lowercase letters... and got the verification code i needed in less than 8 seconds.

    go figure =D

    So... if anyone else is haveing issues like this.. try what i did, enter your e-mail in full lowercase and see if that works.

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