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Letter from the Game Director - April 2010




    Originally posted by Teala

    Originally posted by TSWBETAROGS

    Originally posted by jaxsundane

    Originally posted by TSWBETAROGS

    Originally posted by AmazingAvery

    Originally posted by Teala

    Can you please fix the other glaring issues that game has had since day one after the release of the expansion - like talents for classes still being broken as a starter?

     Anything in particular with the feats?

    She is just the typical WOW lover and AoC hater ;)

    This is what she got issus with in a nother post, and I do not se the big issue.


    Teala:  What I do not understand is why there are still issues within in the game from two years ago...yes - two years ago.     Some of the very same issues we were dealing with 2 years ago are still present in the game.   One of the biggest ones was players are able to attack you while you are in a cutscene or getting a quest.   Why is this still an issue?   Why can you still swim up waterfalls?   Oh yes...still there.   Why is taking even the smallest of jumps from a cliff taking almost all your life?  I'm talking jumping off something  the height of a 55 gallon drum and you take damage and are stunned?  Why?  Why is it still like this in the game?   Jesus...andthis game got the Most Improved of 2009 title?  LMAO where?   Rangers and some other classes still have talents that are frakking useless.  Why?

     If everything that she eludes to in this post is a reccuring issue from launch then maybe it is a case of you having blinders on for whatever particular reason, it certainly shows you as a much bigger fan of FC willing to overlook unprofessional bugs than it points to her being a WOW fan interested in bashing AOC.  To put it short those are problems that do reflect bad on the game no matter how much you try to make the person relaying those compaints.  Honestly how do you possibly justify some of those problems which to me looks like they certainly can break immersion.

    Fore me most of these issues seem to be maid upp. This is becouse I have onely incountered a few buggs and all was fixed when re entering the instance. It might be becouse my PC HW was bought for the game 2years ago. I did have some problems the first few months, but now a day i dont get any buggs.  And to the once that stop playing becouse it is instanced, you cant call that an Issue. It is just the game i maid like that.  I was reading some of Teala posts pracing WOW sow she do like the game. WOW is great and all, but filled with issues and buggs to. And that is with an developing team that is ten times larger. And she has been complayning in alot of AoC threads. And she cant give any upp to date prof. If you arrent currently playing AoC and know what the game is about, dont write negative about the game.

     Excuse me?  I need up to date proof?  LMAO I am subscribed to the game and the issues that were present 2 years ago persist today.   For instance - so you are on your mount and you go to cross a shallow stream and what happens every time?  Poof!  Your horse is gone...I guess that doesn't bug you every time you go to cross a shallow stream.    What about the mini map just becoming a myriad of dots and X's?   How about the combat animations taking place after the opponent is dead?  How about the lag spikes whenever someone new enters your PC's sphere?  How about the still horrible pathing of the MOBS in many of the areas?  How about the talents that are broken in some classes still to this day?  YEs two years later.  How do I know this?  Because I play AOC!  I have a subscription.   The developers still have yet to address the many issues like this that still persist two years after the games release.    Oh and as for is not as buggy by any stretch of the imagination as AoC is - not by a long shot.  WoW is far more polished and you'll rarely encounter game breaking bugs and issues as you do in AoC.   AoC could be a great game if the developers actually cared about making the game it should be.  If they did really care they would have addressed this issues long ago instead of letting them continue to fester.

    When in water (shallow as well) you hors is suppost to go away it is not a bug( you cant swim around on your hors). I newer seen this as a problem, I always jump ower any water, that makes it more challanging.  Your mini map shows all you current quests it highlits the one you are currently on., sow no problem there. I have newer had problem with animations. Havent got any lag spikes the last 6 months that I can remember(had alot the first months).  Dont have issues with mobs.  Noen of my classe has broken feats and havent hear any of my guildys complaining about these issues. 

    If there realy is that many problems/issues why are we playing and  currently 120k other playing the game.

    It is nr5 on xfire list of most played pay for MMORPG, in this order 1,WOW 2,Aion 3 EVE 4 Lotro and 5 AoC.

  • MMO.MaverickMMO.Maverick Member CommonPosts: 7,619

    Game is fine nowadays, not perfect, but they came far compared to the first few months after launch. Which is why they were named 'most improved game of 2009' and other praise, like it is now should've been the game they released at launch.


    Stability issues, bugs, a lot has been resolved and things are stable. I can't find myself in the complaints and so called "broken" things mentioned here, and neither have I heard such complaints on global channels or the people I play with. If others still have those problems I feel sorry for them, but maybe some people need to check their PC first.

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