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Second Life Third Party Viewer Policy Does not work.

JaydenXJaydenX Member Posts: 3

As of  April 30th 2010, I have logged into SecondLife as a test using a copybot viewer, and it still works being that you bypass it with certain methods and spoofing.

I would Also like to mention some real dangers of why even IF Linden Lab could block out my client, Why Copybotting would not fully end.

As you may, or may not have heard, the Emerald Team runs a project called Onyx, Onyx Is a copybot Viewer itself, which is approved by Skills Hak, who made Client Detection System (CDS), and also works for Emerald Developer team. What does this mean? Well Since the Onyx Team is part of emerald, and emerald is on LInden Labs Safe And TPVP Compliant list, it is easy for them to desguize Onyx as any other user emerald client, and still commit any type of Content theft or Intellectual property theft, and their Excuse for it, is that it is a controlled client unlike other copybot clients that have been illegally leaked.  Also J cool is working with emerald who developed VLife, and the biggest copybot on the main grid over a year ago. Should we trust, or use emerald, what if they were logging all our passwords in the offical release, and spying on us, there are many ways to do with.

Also The copybots have not stopped, Smiggles Decuir, the Leader of the panthers which me and my friend have tracked for many months, is still at large in SecondLife, copybotting skins, and re uploading them to SecondLife. She Desguizes herself as an Innocent Shopper around SecondLife along with all her sisters in Sisters OF Hura, and all her friends clans, who Lie and protect her becuase they believe her, and are blind to the truth. The Owner of Jungles OF Schendi is also behind all of this Ali Akami, and Ronnie Vale, Although they may not directly support Copybot theft, they are knowingly helping them/allowing them to do it on their region. She was actually caught Wearing a Skin which was made by Lara Hurley, and was illegally downloaded, and re uploaded/modified without concent of the creator. There Is much more than this that has been ripped though when it comes down to it, they Dont Think we watch them, what they do, ect. But we see when they rip stuff from other people, and we can tell when it has been done, Sisters Oh I love you sis, I give you free botted Skin Hi Hi.. So Dumb. We are Poor People, we cannot afford skins, or clothing in SecondLife. Well in that case, why are they even on SecondLife if they are that poor, they couldnt afford their electric bill to be in SL Roleplaying for over 5 hours a day. I mean seriously.

Smiggles Decuir, & Hannable Streeter, and all her sisters cannot be trusted anymore. They have setup mass copybot networks around SecondLife, and relations with Groups. Dijan Panthers, Tasta Trovis Wild Talunas, Sheena797 Navarita's groups, And a lot of other groups around SecondLife, Which her Sisters, illegally Download assets off of other peoples avatars. Keep in mind that They can do this from up to 3 Regions away, and the only way to make sure copybotting does not occur is Kicking them off your entire estate permently, espically their Leader Smiggles decuir, which is constantly wearing Copybotted, or Hacked skin Re uploaded to SecondLife. A lot of groups in SecondLife have had their reputations Ruined Because of assoiciating with Smiggles Decuir, and her groups, and Linked groups, and not simply kicking the hackers out.

If you do not wish to be part of her hacking Alliances, Simply Remove Smiggles Decuir, and all Her panthers from your Lands, if some of the panthers are part of multiple tribes give them a choice of who they are loyal to, and want to stay with, and ask them  to leave, theirs, or leave yours, if they dont in 24 hours Kick them, it saves you the time, the drama, and the Humilliation of having people be part of your group in sl which thieves other creators. It was hard for me, But I had about 4 panther sis I knew for Years when I was part of their group myself, Before I witnessed the Copybotting by our own sister Lacy Janus which is one of the highest ranking  of Sa'Con'Tri'Shena Panthers, I gave my Friends/sis a Fair chance, and warning. If you want to stay part of a hacking Group, Then Let me know becuase I am going to remove you from my friends list. I will not have those type of people on my list

Simply Put do not trust, and believe a person just because they have been in SecondLife for 3 Years, or  you know them very well, It can all be lies, and You may pay for their mistakes too if you assoicaite too much. We are Monitoring all Botting around the grid on a daily basis.

New Jack City

Antonio Ansome, Dic Jacobus <--- Owner of sim, Chocolatehonnei Destiny, & Alonzo Streeter.

These guys are all using Modified Clients to Spoof as Green Life Emerald to bypass/Circumvent Linden Lab TOS, They have been commiting content thefts for quite some time, and allow other users on their estates to do it as well. This was just recently Found out within SecondLife. We knew for months that these guys were Supporting content theft, due to their lack of interest in Removing Copybotters, and content theft violators from the estate of New Jack City, but we Had no idea yet that they were actually doing it themselfs with certain Clothing textures. They also illegally Log peoples IP Addresses Using Voice  Exploits/p2p clients,  Loggers without your concent, and know exactly who you are, ect. They Violate TOS big times, and LL needs to ban them all, but Wont yet.But even yet again it is hard for anyone to tell, because they Tend to use Origional Asset keys when they Commit the thefts, Although I noticed that on Some of the Skins going around by creators, had been illegally Modified as well, some of the clothing, they were wearing, ect. 

Tiffany Mesmeriser, and Her many alts crisi Citron, and many others. She Passes out copybotted skins all the time, Shapes, and clothing in New Jack City, and she is allowed to do so. She knowingly handed me a box of stolen Redgrave, and Mallory Cowen Skins, as well as other Copyright holders on these skins. They were reported, and over a dozen of them were removed by Linden Lab for copyright infrigment. However these two people still support content theft to its fullest, and do not care about it when they were told to begin with.

Justice League Unlimited, Has framed Woodbury university, along with Two other rogue copybot groups assisting them, and got woodbury, and a  major land owner banned form SecondLife Named IntLibber, ect. There are more details on this below, about the IntLibber lawsuite,ect.


So Yes When is LL going to actually take care OF JLU, New Jack CIty, and Smiggles Decuirs copybotting groups, because I am really curious to why they would attack a bunch of Computer geeks and nerds based on a bunch of accusations and their involvement with Hacking SecondLife. This is totall Bullcrap, Yes there were Griefers and Hax0rs at Woodbury, I wont deny it, But I was there and Learned a lot of Neat stuff from a bunch of Cool People. There can be hackers, and  cheaters anywhere in SecondLife, the question is when Valid Evidence is presented to an Admin OR Owner if they will ban/eject them for griefing, ect. WoodBury did so.



  • TheHatterTheHatter Member Posts: 2,547

    First off, keep up the good work. I'm new to Second Life, but it's really good to know that there are people like you out there. Thank you.

    Even though I'm new, I've looked pretty deep into copybotting myself. Not because I wanted to do it, but because I thought I might be able to make some money off trying to protect against it. :) What I found was over my head at this point, but I'll probably look back into it later down the road, when I have some free time and am looking for a new business venture.

    You're never going to stop copybotters, just like you're never going to stop software piracy, and you're never going to stop MMO gold farming botting. But, what you can do is have a major deturrant for those who want to start doing it. The only way to do this, would be to have SL partner up with all the big big players who make serious money in SL, and form a multi-national lawsuit against the developers of copybots. From what I can gather at this point, is that LL is kind of on the fence on what they should do about them, the whole situation is just dark muddy water for them. But, since creators in SL have full property rights of their products, the big players need to band together and start filing lawsuits. There is nothing stopping LL from providing information to the creators' lawyers.

    The only way you're going to be able to slow down copybotting EFFECTIVELY, is to file legal action. See:

    A&M Records v Napster


    MDY v Blizzard Entertainment

    ( ^ illustrates my point for scaring people away, even if MDY is in the right. Blizzard raped the DMCA to scare botters, with potentially SERIOUS consequences to the software industry)

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