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Explain this game

HathiHathi Member Posts: 236

Anyone got any info on this game?

Seems almost like a virtual tabletop war game. But something about fighting over websites??

Finally - Best site for Chuck Norris



  • ArcheminosArcheminos Member Posts: 283

    Beta testers are currently under NDA for this game.

  • HathiHathi Member Posts: 236

    I can understand that. But the website has little info at all.

    Finally - Best site for Chuck Norris

  • ArcheminosArcheminos Member Posts: 283

    Well its more of an alpha than a beta. I think they want to limit information until they have a definate idea of how things are going to progress. But I will say that this could be a popular game if they keep going like they are.

  • YilelienYilelien Member UncommonPosts: 323


    as i also want some info if anyone has some more

  • TiitBiggieTiitBiggie Member Posts: 7

    how do i play games on this site? ;o

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