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Lineage 2 help plz

ParadineParadine Member Posts: 5

i was looking around frys electronics when i found this game called lineage 2 it looked pritty intresting, then i saw the monthly fee i didnt really like it so i looked at lineage 2 and saw if it was worth it well it looks like a good game but it looks simple like any other game with swords and magic, what i need is somthing that will blow my socks off somthing that will friz my hair up and im not talking better spells im talking vast new lands of big landscape instead of a medevil dry world the world should be growing and progressing as you play through the game.

this lineage was intresting to me it had some bling guy on the cover with a sword i was woundering if lineage 2 is actually as good as it appears to be can anyone tel me. or am i just fooled with the fact that its medevil stuff or that he has a bling sword n armor


  • WotannWotann Member Posts: 294

    I was in the beta and I played the game for two months. It is indeed a graphical piece of art. - That nobody can deny without beig a lier.

    But this game has serious flaws. - Some people may disagree (especially the hard core fans) but doesn't it all come to personal taste? Anyway, one major thing that bugged me and bugs a lot of other players is the tremendous level grind. Another is the awful community. NCSoft has totally failed to clean up all the bots (Third party programs that viololate game rules) and farmers from mainly Asia. Crafting is restricted to only dwarves. Items are dropped by specific mobs and cost a truck load of money. - This leads to camping, camping and yet more camping, which leads to bots and farmers camping these spawn grounds.

    The game I would recommend isn't released yet (Maybe in April) features a huge world with real topography (40000 square kilometers of land mass and water.) You can climb 2000 meter high mountains and fly up to 5000 meters if you own a dragon (that can carry two passengers) Other cool transports are dragon flights (carry 80 passengers), dodo birds,  balloons, ships and cable cars. You can do amazing things, like use your shield as a sled on snowy mountains. You can use parachutes and hanggliders. - Amazing stuff. This game allows you to be a hard core pvp player and / or a peaceful craftsman / trader with it's dual experience line (fighting and social) Dark and Light has really amazed me, and I'm sure it would amaze you. Too bad it isn't out yet, but this game is really worth the wait.


    Nemo sine vitio est

    Nemo sine vitio est

  • SaigonshakesSaigonshakes Member Posts: 937

    Honestly save your money. Extrem level grind and adena farmers. All in all it's just a frusturating experience. You'd be alot better off picking up World of Warcraft or Everquest 2.

  • ParadineParadine Member Posts: 5

    Im going with world of warcraft i belive WoW and EQ2 are the best games out there right now

  • archonfuryarchonfury Member Posts: 139

    Lineage 2 was the first mmorpg that I played. It was awesome. Only problem for me is that the adena farmers took up the mobs, hard grind, and they delayed C1.

    You can go wrong with world of warcraft. Fast pace, it's a great game.



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