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Horrible Support

If any of you as well value good customer service then I recommend not to play any IJJI games (webzen isn't much better but at least not this bad) it's the worst I've ever experienced (and I've seen a lot).

I opened up 2 tickets right one after another for 2 different issues and they simply closed the second ticket with the notice that I already had posted the issue. When I reopened the ticket and ask them to read the ticket before closing it so they would see it's something complete different, as the first ticket was about the game randomly exiting and the second one about their game launcher. Again, ticket was closed with same standardized response that I had already submitted this issue in the first ticket.

So I gave up on the second issue and focused on the game exiting one. It kept dragging on for 2 weeks. I provided all the infos they asked me for and now when I sent the final screenshot of my task managers open process list, they suddenly weren't able to receive my mails properly anymore, even tho I had done just the same as before and even tried instead responding to the mail, responding to the ticket with their online ticket system instead.

Last weekend I also reported 2 people for harassment, attaching a screenshot of the chat (what more of a proof can you give than that? have them sign a statement that they did harass you? hilarious..) , and as response:


'Thank you for contacting the ijji.com Game Support!

We sincerely apologize for the bad experience you may have had as a result of other users hacking, being abusive, or exploiting while playing one of our games. Unfortunately, we are unable to take action against other players without proof corroborating what you have described.'

When I asked them to tell me if there was an option to block people from spam inviting me to parties, cause that causes you not to be able to use skills or do anything else until you clicked away the invite window, all I got was: 


Thank you for contacting the ijji.com Game Support!

There is a ignore option in your options menu, you can use this for anyone who is trying to spam you in any way.

Which in fact, wasn't even correct since I had found the option myself already before I had gotten their response, and it's in the friends window under one of the tabs there. 

So this is just to give an example of the bad service.

I also, before opening tickets for the first 2 issues, dropped 2 threads with the problems in their tech support forums section and guess what? Not a single response to either of them.

So I really recommend not playing the game.. and besides the bad service, the game ain't all that great either.

Only mediocre in my opinion.

After level 30 it got pretty boring for me. Hell they didn't even bother creating enough maps. They just keep repeating the same maps for different missions, only putting different mobs in there and giving it a different name.. :S


  • AbsitAbsit Member UncommonPosts: 15


    Screenshots can and have been faked to get people banned/suspended.

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