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When do you guys think the Copernicus Project will be out?

Phat_B4tPhat_B4t Member Posts: 40

I know we have next to no information on it, but we've gotten little bits of "we don't wanna say anything, but there is a project" now for 2 years or so. When do you guys think this thing will come out?


  • MurashuMurashu Member UncommonPosts: 1,385

    Well since they stated the single player version of the game would be released first and we still have no launch date on it, I wouldn't expect the MMO for a couple of more years.


  • Phat_B4tPhat_B4t Member Posts: 40

    Don't forget Salvatore's book. I'm also leaning towards 2 years at least.

  • VeldekarVeldekar Member Posts: 220

    I too am looking forward to more info on this project. For quality's sake, i hope for a release no sooner than q4 2012...

  • Phat_B4tPhat_B4t Member Posts: 40

    Yeah, it doesn't help if they rush out a poor quality game, or a game that's suppose to attract the largest amount of people.

    The good thing is, it's being banked by a professional athlete, so his livelihood isn't dependent on it, but who knows... maybe he has investors that will want something sooner. :(

    Also, you've got names like Salvatore, and others - who are in it for artistic reasons and pride, and that's why I'm betting that this thing will be really good.


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