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Were you this Pro/Con Vocal about other MMO’s you played? Poll

BetabooBetaboo Member Posts: 384

And why are you so passionate about this one game--Pro or Con


  • Xondar123Xondar123 Member CommonPosts: 2,543

    I tend to be pretty vocal about every MMO I play, mainly because of the time and money I invest in them and because of the community that surrounds them. Anyone who reads my posts will see I'm also vocal about CoH, and I remember arguing for hours on the paladin forum for WoW (most of the time while alt-tabbed out of the game while I was waiting for my paladin to kill something I might add.)

  • mezlabormezlabor Member Posts: 133

    I was more vocal for AOC after launch because I enver played it in beta. I was a raving fanboi for it till it launched and i realized it sucked. With Sto I was hopeful at first but a little worried Cryptic would make the game a COH clone. When CO came out I became more concerned and when they announced the release date and ridiculously short beta time I became an ardent doomcrier. When open bet hit and I saw that ALL of my fears had ben justified I said as much on the sto forums and left. I never bought the game at alunahc and ever since Ive been watching this train wreck unfold.

  • raistalin69raistalin69 Member Posts: 575

    i talk about all the mmo's ive played, good or bad. normally i do this on ventrillo/team speak etc.

    ive never felt a company blatantly did such a shallow cash grab before sto. i also would never have started posting here or on other mmo sites if it hadnt been for cryptic letting me know "i just dont get it"

    ripping me off is one thing.... i cancelled my account, you got my fifty bucks. not a big deal.

    but insulting myself and every other customer whos left the shallow,incomplete, borderline unplayable "mmo" that cryptic created is asking for people to spread the word about what kind of company cryptic is.


  • PermianPermian Member CommonPosts: 78

    First time ever in any MMO that I have felt the need to voice negative complaints to the community. I blame that entirely on Cryptic and the sub-standard MMO that they produced for Star Trek Online. Thanks for making me feel cheated and ripped off.


  • CacaphonyCacaphony Member Posts: 738

    I tend to be very closed mouthed about games I play.  Unless I feel they totally degrade the name in which it represents.

    In this case.... it is my opinion that Star Trek Online has taken a dump on the Star Trek name and vastly  lessend the appeal to others that might otherwise become attracted to Star Trek and take a further interest into the IP, had this game not blown as many chunks as it does.


    So with STO, I was vocal.  With other games... not so much.

  • DinendaeDinendae Member Posts: 1,264

    I started actively taking part in forums and becoming vocal with AoC before its launch; I was getting sick of MMOs that I wanted to play being released in a shoddy state and started posting in a vain hope to actually effect some kind of positive change. Futile as it turned out to be I was never this vocal until Cryptic decided to prove to everyone that CoH/CoV was indeed a fluke for them, and that their management (not the rank and file) didn't have a clue as to what constitutes a decent MMO. 

    "Oh my, how horrible, someone is criticizing a MMO. Oh yeah, that is what a forum is about, looking at both sides. You rather have to be critical of anything in this genre as of late because the track record of these major studios has just been appalling." -Ozmodan

  • Darth_OsorDarth_Osor Member Posts: 1,089

    Only other game I've felt compelled to bitch on the internet about was AoC.  Like STO, it was because I had such high hopes for it.  At least Funcom recognized they screwed the pooch and fired their game director, unlike Cryptic, which promotes their F-ups.

    I probably would have ranted about CU for SWG, but my job at the time was a closed network with no outside internet access, and I generally don't go to internet forums on my own time.

    Other MMOs I didn't like, I didn't even care enough to bother venting about...WAR, for example.

  • saxifrsaxifr Member UncommonPosts: 381

    Originally posted by Permian

    First time ever in any MMO that I have felt the need to voice negative complaints to the community. I blame that entirely on Cryptic and the sub-standard MMO that they produced for Star Trek Online. Thanks for making me feel cheated and ripped off.


    I could see it if they produced a crappy product and they honestly had some sort of desire to do right by paying customers...


    there is a difference between good effort and bad results, and lack of effort.


    But they don't even *care*...their customer service is execrable, their billing employees were nasty and rude when they weren't out-right lying, Cryptic devs and bosses lie about their product repeatedly, and as a company they do not do what they say they are going to do

    I can forgive a lot in a game but when you tack on their attitudes, no go.

    [email protected]!! BREATHE!!!

  • MurashuMurashu Member UncommonPosts: 1,385

    STO is one of the few MMOs I never felt the need to be vocal about. During beta I read the FAQs, dev posts and looked at what they did with Champions Online. Although I very much wanted to play a Star Trek themed MMO, it didn't take me long to figure out this would not be a game for me. From everything I read, the game has turned out to be very close to what the devs were aiming for which is why I never wasted my money buying it. The people who are complaining most likely didnt do their research and are now unhappy that the game is something different than what they expected.

  • SpiderpopeSpiderpope Member Posts: 69

    Does complaining about Bobby Kotick count? He is the CEO of Activision-Blizzard afterall, and i seize every opportunity i can get to mock and belittle the man whilst making everyone aware of his disgraceful attitude towards both his customers and staff.

    As to why i am vocal about STO. Simple, Cryptic treated me and other customers like crap. Coming from a retail background that was almost entirely focused on Customer Support i find their behavior disgraceful and it makes those of us who do care about customer satisfaction and service look bad by association with what they laughably call customer support. So i make it clear to anyone who listens just what they can expect from a Cryptic product.

    Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-pope.

  • JerYnkFanJerYnkFan Member UncommonPosts: 342

    I was very vocal about the crap SOE pulled with the NGE.  I sing the praises of LOTRO and my good experiences with AOC despite perhaps having the worst UI ever.  I was pretty gung-ho about STO until playing it for  a week and discovering how bored I was with it.

  • Phat_B4tPhat_B4t Member Posts: 40

    I just don't think they should have made Star Trek into an MMO. Why is it failing now?

  • GyrusGyrus Member UncommonPosts: 2,413

    Yes.  I call it like I see it.

    Check my post history.


    Posted on PotBS: Said that the world was too small and commented on the Aussie version.  Both that it would be separate and that this was not a good idea.

    WAR: Picked population imbalance issues.

    Champions Online: Picked that the game did not play like an MMO and that the design did not support long term subscriptions (gamers would be 'finished' in 1-2 months.)

    And a few others - many have 'community issues'.


    Am I always negative?  No.  Called Wizard 101 as a sucess story and picked it would appeal to the casual gamers.


    STO: All the warning signs were there way before release...

    Nothing says irony like spelling ideot wrong.

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