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RedShirtArmy Podcast Episode 009 - Stovoaccord

MaverickrollMaverickroll Member UncommonPosts: 123

This week in Episode 009, we take examine this weeks news from Tribble, some Engineering Reports, and give you the scoop on the debacle that is the Khitomer Accord. We also have a guest host joining us this week, Acidrain from the Gamers Lounge podcast joins us in the round table discussion, for Episode 009

You can get it with a direct MP3 download ( )

Show Notes Episode 009 -

Quadrant News - Updates ongoing, we take a look at whats still progressing on Tribble, what's in coming up in the Engineering Reports and a brief look at the next STF, Undine Terradome.

Tactics & Gameplay - Argh, is the word of the day as Athos and Rodel tell us about the bug fest that is Khitomer Accord. Is it playable? Like getting stuck? We bring you the sordid details.

QQ-Continuum - Irony is a long time friend of RSA, as this week's QQ Continuum entrant is actually by a forum user named.. Q of the Continuum.. Join us as we look at not only how much money this poor guy spent on the game but a massive nerdrage i-quit post to boot!

Contest Conclusion - We announce the winner of our Free Copy of STO contest - Cohas. He wins for his entry, one of only several we received. Congratulations Cohas, from all of us at RSA.

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Next week in Episode 010, we hit our stride as we break out our tenth episode. We'll be covering Khitomer more indepth hopefully, bringing you new show segments and more.

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