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Free Novice Sack code from MMORPG.com giveaway last year

NeoinrNeoinr Member Posts: 19

I don't know if its still valid, but enjoy:

Congratulations on getting your free gift code for Magic World Online that will give you a ton of free in game items!

Your Gift Key Code: ebjkd1

Please input the Gift Code when register at http://mwo.enjoymmo.com/register After entering the game, please go to NPC Prize Exchanger to claim the prize. Then you will have a pack named Novice Sack in your backpack. Open it and you will gain your items.

NOTE: MMORPG.com does not operate this game. Please contact the official game company for support with this product/promotion.


  • rickroadsrickroads Member Posts: 1

    hallo,,,,,,,,u just give giveaways last year of free novice sack,,how about this year?we need those free gifts for the game,,,


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