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Free CyberBux code I got from MMORPG giveaway last year

NeoinrNeoinr Member Posts: 19

Not sure if its still valid or not, enjoy:


Congratulations on getting your free CyberBux gift code which will give you 2000 CyberBux which you can use within SplashFighters!

Your CyberBux Gift Code: MMORPGF01yiCrH0566

 To claim this code, follow these steps closely:

  1. Make sure you are a registered user for SplashFighers.  If not, you can create your account at this link:

  2. Download the game client and install.  You can download the game client at this link:

  3. Launch the game and login using your account information

  4. Select a channel and press "OK"

  5. Go To "Shop" from the top menu of blue buttons

  6. From the left menu, select "Special"

  7. Then click on the "Free Cards Giveaway Event" to enter your serial key when asked for "Campaign ID"

  8. That is it!  You now have 2000 free CyberBux.  Enjoy shopping and get your favorite look!

NOTE: cannot offer support for this product.  We are just providing you the free gift key.  Please contact the operators of this game for support.

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