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Try to guess how much is character transfer...

ElsanElsan Member Posts: 13

25!!! It's stealing, especially for a paid MMO!


  • vladakovvladakov Member Posts: 710

    don´t do it then lol


  • DreathorDreathor Member Posts: 537

    $25? Sounds about average.

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  • FuzzyAvengerFuzzyAvenger Member Posts: 12

    25 is the average yea, FFXI, WOW etc charge the same amount.

  • AlysenMinaseAlysenMinase Member Posts: 361

    Nothing to see here >.>

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  • ElsanElsan Member Posts: 13

    I guess I'm used to a more reasonable MMO, City of Heroes...

  • ZookzZookz Member Posts: 244

    Are they at least allowing free transfers to the low population servers? It would gives folks an incentive to go bolster the population. Nobody is going to shell out $25 for a transfer to a low population server, and the whole reason behind this was to help even out the population a bit. All I can see happening is everybody jumping to Lumiel or Siel making the problem worse instead of better. 

  • Larry2298Larry2298 Member Posts: 865

    I'd like to know the difference to transfering from an Indonesia server (for example) to Egypt server (for example) and worthy the money.

  • Shatter30Shatter30 Member UncommonPosts: 487

    They will be offering free transfers soon, Im sure with stipulations just like WOW has done in the past and other games.  As for $25 character transfers, same as WOW. 


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