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Sick and tired of the I quit threads...



  • bstiffbstiff Member Posts: 359

    Originally posted by Jounar

    Originally posted by Cacaphony

    Originally posted by Dinendae

    Originally posted by Darth_Osor

    CDF: bugs are players' fault...

    That had to be the most pathetic thing I'd read on those forums.  Every time I think I've seen a new low in fanbotism, it is eclipsed.  The CDF had done a pretty good job of derailing the thread (started by another dissatisfied lifer) up until then.

     Wow, just wow. It's not Crytpic's fault that things are put out in a broken state, it's the players fault for not spending their time on the test server? That takes me back to my EQ days when everything Verrant put out was initially broken, but it was somehow our fault.

     Meh... Im not surprised by this type of post by the CDF.  It will continue, and probably get worse.

    It's shocking how bad some of the CDF post's are, not to mention the Cryptic mods don't seem to bat an eye at them either but start an I quit thread and bang you're done lol.

     I think some of them most have flown out to cryptic hq for this treatment or something similar:

  • EmeraqEmeraq Member UncommonPosts: 1,048

    I love these threads, they are just as good as the I quit threads... You've got people griping about how bad the game is, and that they quit.... Then you have people griping about all of the people that are griping and quitting their games.... Next you'll have people griping about people that gripe about people that gripe about and quit their games (did I lose you :)  )....  It can go on and on and on... Fun stuff!

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