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Patch Notes Version 6

PiasekPiasek Member Posts: 318


•    Now you cannot resurrect without the Fear of Death debuff if you go to Purgatory without an active Patronage.

•    After 5 minutes of no character activity, /afk mode is automatically switched on.

•    After exiting Purgatory, the PvP flag switches off immediately, without the 5 minute delay.

•    Guild information is now displayed above players' heads.

•    Error Corrected: Camera rotation after graphic settings changed in launcher.

•    Error Corrected: Group loot after one group member leaves group.

•    Effect Corrected: “Blood Symbol” amulet found within the Darkblood Citadel

      o      Wound complexity affects amulet’s healing, effect  cannot be critical.


•    Trading items between players shows the amount of bougth/sold items.

•    Stacked items can now be divided into several packs.

      o      Shift+drag moves one item from the slot.

      o      Ctrl+drag moves half of the stack from slot.

      o      Alt+drag calls allows for a number to be typed in.

•    Message added: Items cannot be equipped/removed during combat.

•    Details added in the chat window:

      o      Information about gaining and losing items.

      o      Information about guild events.

      o      Information on shared quests.

      o      Information on alternative currency.

      o      Information on previous game session.

•    Private message reply button added.

      o      BACKSPACE  by default.

•    Many enhancements to group and raid interface.

•    Fixed a bug with the visualisation of fatigue when a player's Flag of War had been recently raised.

•    Reward amount in quest screen.

•    Quest list (on screen): Can be filtered to show all quests or only the current zone.

•    Ship repairing interface is fixed.

•    Commands: /invite and/leave have been corrected for the raid leader’s assistant.

•    Timestamp added while on an astral island.

•    Item Creation: Chance of increasing crafting level is displaying in %

•    Error Corrected: Displaying guild name even after a player has left the guild.

•    Many map enhancements.





•    Area of effect and persistant effects raise the PvP flag of the attacker.

•    Abilities applied to self do not refresh PvP flag.

•    Error Corrected: Paralysis effects.


•    Unholy Shield: Does not remove negative effect of Fear of Death.

•    Entreaty: Visualisation improved.


•    Area of Effect spells (such as Blizzard or Firewall)should raise the attacker’s PvP flag.

•    Slience effects now affect: Icy Comet, Electric Pulse, and Steady Gaze.



•    Improved pet behaviour in passive mode.

•    Immortality is no longer dependant on character stats.



•    Brilliant Aura works correctly after log out / in.

•    Spectral Assassin cannot be applied to targets that are immune to control effects.

•    New Ability: Mystic Link: Psionicists of both factions can talk anonymously in a special chat channel. This ability is gained automatically after gaining 10th level.

•    Ruby: Dead Language has been altered.

•    Error Corrected: Attackers now see the mental twin in PvP and the arena.



•    Renew: Healing power now depends on Intellegence, like other spells.

•    Renew: Effect has been decreased by 50% and it restores the same amount of health in or out of combat.

•    Natural Balance: Cooldown time has been increased up to 3 minutes.

•    Nature's Touch: Does not increase health, but deacreases restoration time.

•    Growl and Roar: Effects have been corrected.

•    Natural Balance: No longer requires a group.

•    Pets no longer run away from their Master, beyond 70 yards.

•    Shamans’ pets visualisation has been improved.


•    Motivating Presence: Does not restore mana, but restores energy.





•    Heroic Encounters: Mechanics Enhanced: Progress is saved for each character independently.

•    Heroic Encounters: Mechanics Altered: Bosses cannot be killed by the same group/player multiple times per day.

      o      Refreshing of heroic encounters is daily and happens at fixed time.

      o      5 diferent heroic encounters are available daily.

•    Error Corrected: Some Elite mobs were dealing less damage by up to 20%.

•    Drop chance increased for crafting items from mobs.

•    Accelerating Repairs: Symbols of Victory decreases repair time by 7.5 hours.

•    Quest: A New Craft: Has been fixed for the League and the Empire.

•    Battle Lust: Effect now cancels correctly.

•    Error Corrected: Blood Lust: PvP flag should rise correctly.

•    Removed any chance of increasing reputation with the enemy faction.

•    New Rare items have been added in game. They can be obtained from boss mobs in encounters.

•    Special Watchmen have been added to Novograd and Nezebgrad harbours for additional defense.

•    Character position on the map is now correctly displayed in League and Imperial hangars.

•    Yasker’s and Aidenus’ visualisation have been improved.

•    Players can now fight the second boss in Gorluxor’s Tower.

Evermeet Isle

•    A hint about the June Ruins appears after accepting the quest Returning Home.



•    Respawn time of killed guards in Novograd harbour has been optimised.

•    When guardians are killed, experience and loot is not gained and they are not counted in quests.


Oreshek Fortress

•    Area of Effect radius of Gudimir Belsky and other mob attacks has been increased.



•    Margo de Vevre, Servant of the Light is now positioned near Sieged Stronghold respawn point.

•    Quest: Drifting Down the Stream: Raft model has been improved.



•    Amalthia Woods design has been enhanced.

•    Added a Servant of the Light near Lukomorie.

•    Quest Corrected: Unstable Antidote.

•    Quest Corrected: The Ritual in the Witches' Circle: Wardens’ and Summoners’ pets can attack Greedy Spirit, Gluttonous Spirit, and Drunken Spirit.


Frozen Frontier

•    Quest: A Bottle for the Sentry: Burning Ale cannot be used or sold to traders.



•    Quest Mechanics Changed: On the Other Side of Darkness: After using the potion, a warning appears. If that character leaves the effect zone, the potion will be cancelled.

•    Quest Corrected: The Breeding Grounds of Darkness: Can now be completed properly.



•    Quest: A New Craft: Oleg Lukashin, Leader of the Imperial Suppliers' Guild, can sell you a license.

•    A Servant of the Light has been added to Boiler Camp.

•    Policemen and Imperial Sentinels have been improved

•    Respawn time of killed Imperial Sentinels in Nezebgrad Port has been optimised.

•    Sentinels’ re-spawn locations have been improved.

•    Goblin Thief spawn time has been enhanced.

•    Map Corrected: Tep Was Here: Marker has been fixed.

•    Updated the recommended level for Nezeb's Fourth Deed.

•    Traders that were in Yasker’s Tower are now situated near the entrance.

Igsh Military District

•    Quest Corrected: Regular Customers: All NPCs can give broken runes and players are able to finsh the quest properly.

•    Landscape enhanced.

•    Mondovi Fortress: Design improved when ship is in port.

•    Quest Mechanic Corrected: Meeting with the Fanatic: After rejecting the quest, the character transforms back from being a Gibberling.

•    Servant of the Light has been added near the Imperial Training Camp.

•    Portal Keeper in Igsh Armory, Sarbaz Hevesh: Can now tune the Adventurer’s Stone.


Lab Thirteen

•    Error Corrected: Boss mobs becoming un-attackable has been corrected.

•    Boss spawn mechanics changed for: Sarbaz Mikhet, Bang the Bloodthirsty, and Igor Smazhin in heroic encounters.

Dead Sea

•    Error Corrected: League players can no longer gain reputation with the Freeborn faction by killing mobs.

•    Servant of the Light added near Pridonsk.

•    Quest Markers Corrected: Rescuing the Heiress.

•    Landscape Corrected: Floating stones in the Dead Sea Mana Station have been improved.

•    Quest Corrected: Deadly Eggs : Spawn times for Snake Eggs improved.

•    Quest Corrected: Salty Trouble: Text while collecting wood has been updated.

Laguna Boil

•    Quest Map Marker Updated: Mysterious Shadows.



•    Collision of Tep’s Sarcofagus has been improved.

•    Error Corrected: David Proshin should now give World Mystery quest is fixed.

•    Portal mechanics between islands in Cultists’ room have been updated.

•    Error Corrected: It should now be possible to activate the portal using collcted Sparks.

•    Map marker corrected for LAD Charity Work.

•    Map marker corrected for Quarantine.

•    Map marker corrected for The Main Secret of the Pyramid.

•    Quest: The Specifics of Reanimation, is now given after:  The Admiral's Head.



•    Respawn locations improved: Players now resurrect according to the location of death.

•    Semer Liphina, Servant of the Light and Imperial Private no longer conflict.

•    Text Corrected: Dialog with Nomarkh Taltal for approval on visiting Tensess’ Temple.

•    Quest map markers added for Orders for the Guerrillas.

•    Now leaflets in the quest Enemy Propaganda, can be used with a mouse.

•    Quest map marker corrected for Magical Gas.

•    Quest map markers corrected for Capturing the Sites of Power.

•    Quest map markers added for The Phony Courier.


Tensess Temple

•    Error Corrected: It should not be possible to talk to Tensess Spark and finish the final encounter.



•    Quest mechanics changed: Meeting the Seers and Yasker's Emissary: NPC can be escorted successfully and quest can be finished. If the NPC dies during the quest, it can be resummoned. For other players who are waiting for quest a special notice will appear.

•    Quest mechanics changed: World Mystery: In the Edge of Eternal Night and A Message from Tensess: Now they cannot be rejected and there is no chance to lose quest items if finished out of order.

•    Quest mechanics changed: World Mystery: Cursed Site of Power and A Message from Tensess: Now they cannot be rejected and there is no chance to lose quest items if finished out of order.

•    Quest map marker corrected: The Chapel and the Source.

Coba Plateau

•    Quest Corrected: Yet Another Gift for Esther: The quest item should not disappear if the quest Demon Worshippers' Ritual is completed first.

•    Quest Corrected: The Fight for the Rusted Wasteland: Can be finished in group and mobs are elite now.

•    Paths of League patrol in Rusted Wasteland improved.

•    Models enhanced for the Demon Detectors from the quest Demon Hunters.

•    Pots have been added for the quest Bon Appétit!!. Their cooldown time has been reduced.

•    Quest mechanics changed: The Jade Brand: Now horses should be branded.

•    Quest Corrected: First Encounter with the Undead.

•    Anomaly of Isles of Weakness now consumes more mana and energy.

•    Quest Description Corrected: Proper Prospecting Equipment: A Pick.

      o      Models of the stones have been improved and they cannot be sold.

•    Quest Enhanced: Goblin Translator: Translated text can be read after finishing the quest.

•    Quest Enhanced: Something to Work With : The number of boxes has been increased and their models are improved.

•    Quest text updatd: Blindsided : New Goblins have been added as well.

•    Quest updated: The June Curse is Alive!: Time for reading quest text has been increased.

•    Quest mechanics changed: Mysteries of the Zem Ruins: Map markers updated.

•    Quest: Black Bands: is now renamed to: Red Bands

      o      Monsters have red bands now.

•    Quest updated: Dragon’s Breath: Torch icon enhanced.

•    Box model on Southern Bank has been enhanced.

•    Item Corrected: Imbued Crown: Now it increases stats correctly.

•    Item Corrected: Zem Doll: Now resurrection request is shown after 30 seconds.

•    Recommended level for Veronika Saved! Has been improved.

•    Potion traders have been added to the Isles of Weakness.

•    Quest Corrected: Dark Cargo : Mechanism updated of usageof chest with Dark Artifacts.

•    Quest mob updated: A Price On Emelian Razin's Head: Level decreased for Emelian Razin.

•    Quest mechanic updated: Cautionary Tale: Superfluous counter has been removed.

•    Boog the Sadist: Level has been decreased.

•    Quest mob updated: Information on the Mafia: Hardworking Goblin and Disruptive Goblin levels have been increased.



•    New repeatable PvP quests  have been added for the Empire and for the League.

•    Quest mechanics changed: Conspiracy Against the Swindler: It can be rejected and accepted again.

•    Quest mechanic updated: Imperial Retribution: Recommended level has been corrected.

•    Quest mechanics changed: The Elusive Necromancer (Imperial quest) and A Torn Letter (League quest).



•    World Mysteries quests: Operation "Bertilda de Pluie's Report" (Empire) and Operation of the Church of Light (League) have been corrected.


Yazes Shard

•    A demonic  Arena of Death appeared on Yazes Shard where Imperial and League players can fight each other. Honour gained while fighing in the Arena of Death is increased by 50%. Each player on the Arena becomes a participant automatically. Arena combat lasts for 1 hour and after that a four hour pause is claimed for all players.

•    Imperial and League respawn points have Servants of the Light now.

•    Players can no longer climb onto the tent in the Imperial Camp.

•    Quest map marker corrected: Beacons for the Reinforcements.

•    Quest description corrected: Astral Support.

•    Quest map marker corrected: Blood of the Lost.

•    Quest corrected: Explore Gorluxor’s Tower.


Gorluxor's Tower

•    When players gather in a raid they can try to fight Zhor, the Demon Commander who lives in Gorluxor’s Tower and guards the entrance to the second portal. Let the strongest survive!

•    Monsters have been added who can see “invisible” characters.

•    Court landscape is improved.


Kingdom of Nature

•    Portal Keepers now have map markers.





•    All players who reach level 38 are able to finish new training quests that lead to wonderful Astral adventures. Players can take a “training” flight on a special free Astral ship. Interesting interactive training is done on board the ship’s deck. Those who have a ship already may still take part, you never know what you could find out ;)

•    Music in the Astral has been improved.

•    Astral Storm added: Appears when there are too many alien objects in Astral.

      o      Monitors (maps) will be heavily effected by Astral Storms.

•    Partial damage from Astral monsters can penetrate the shield.

•    Damage from Astral Spellweavers, Astral Conjurers and Astral Flayers has been decreased.

•    If a player has logged out in the Astral, they will appear in the Hangar upon login.

•    When a ship is destroyed, all chests stored are lost.

•    Enhancements to Transport ships that connect different archipelagoes.

•    Drop chances for chests from monsters on Astral isles has been optimised.

•    Improved League Astral ship model.



•    Players can now resurrect in the hangar.

•    A ship cannot be destroyed in the hangar.

•    Loot distribution from chests have been improved.



•    Quest mechanic change: Training quests can be rejected.

•    New traning quests for Disassembler, Alchemist, Leatherworker and Blacksmith professions have been added.

•    Items created by crafting do not contain runes anymore.

•    The quality parameter now has less influence on the chance of creating of rare items.


•    Violets can be stored up to 20 in a slot.


•    In Imperial and League training quests the amount of Ether that is given as a reward has been decreased.

•    Icons for alchemy components have been added: Ether, Catalyst, Distillate, Advanced Solvent.

Leatherworking, tailoring and blacksmithing

•    New icons have been added for threads and twines.


Source:  http://cpc.cx/SM


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