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GamerSyndicate is recruiting

MajHavokMajHavok Member UncommonPosts: 19

(The)GamersSyndicate is now recruiting any player (level 30+) that just wants to play the game of SUN.

We are a small guild that is looking for active (3-4 hours a day and at least 3-4 days a week), mature players, which are here to play and not to take this game too seriously. We are filled with casual players just wanting to have fun.

We are looking for players that like to help out, train, trade gear with other players no matter what level they are(remember you were a nOOb once yourself ). Kinda of like a big family.

I don't really want to add peoples alts, but if you are going to use them on a semi-regular basis we may consider them. Of course how are we really gonna know anyway...

We are basically a PVE guild, so we are not looking for pk'rs. Although we will defend ourselfes or others if attacked within the games rules.

We will not stand for any racial or harassing behavior of any kind. Just don't bring the drama, real life already has too much of that.

We have access to forums, which you can visit here as well as a Team Speak server (address will be given when joining)

So, please if interested, reply, PM in game to; Heliry, Bowden, or OrrettValk.

Thank You, and good gaming.


BTW we are on the iJJi version of SUN not Webzens  :)

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