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'The mists' - sounds like Aion's 'Abyss' to me...

dubledubdubledub Member Posts: 229
Just from reading the information on the mists and it is starting to sound suspiciously like the abyss in Aion. I was a big fan of the Abyss in Aion but the problems it had were high levels ruining it for low levels and sparse population. Now hopefully GW's lvling system will prevent the first problem, but with it being F2P, filling The Mists may be difficult at times (saying that, GW1 PvP was rarely empty).

Any ideas on the similarities between the abyss and the mists? Anyone else think that perhaps NCSoft were testing the idea in Aion before they made it a huge part of GW2? Or maybe it's just NCSoft's flavour of the month!


  • aleosaleos Member UncommonPosts: 1,939

    seriously are there any smart people left on this planet.

  • HeadBytorHeadBytor Member UncommonPosts: 93

    i actually thought gw1s pvp was quite full, even though it was a f2p game. never had a problem getting a  group to pvp with, even after almost 5 years. just gotta run the right (trendy) builds. and if the heroes ascent didn't work for you, theres always the random arena. but since you're talking about the mist, who knows??? wait till you hear about the game mechanics. or if you don't hear it then just keep waiting. it's way too soon to compare a game that came first from the same publisher.

  • lagerchobglagerchobg Member UncommonPosts: 203

    Stop making me laugh please. Have you ever played GW? If so you wouldn't say that the PvP was empty. Yet it was kind of a repeatative but fun. And actually the B2P model will bring tons of people IMO.

  • WilliacWilliac Member Posts: 212

    Originally posted by aleos

    seriously are there any smart people left on this planet.

  • MorgarenMorgaren Member UncommonPosts: 397

    op said "Rarely empty"

  • dubledubdubledub Member Posts: 229

    Originally posted by aleos

    seriously are there any smart people left on this planet.

    Wow that's helpful. Could you please point out what I said that was wrong?

    Lagerchobg I will refer you to Morgaren. Thank you Morgaren for actually reading my post.

    Sorry that you think it's too early to compare the two, I just thought it might make a nice change from discussing the same things over and over again on these forums. 

    Personally I think because of the length of time that they've been planning GW2, that maybe there is a link between the two (just a big open space for PvP with no level or number restrictions).

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