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RedShirtArmy Podcast Episode 008 - Time to die, Death Penalty

MaverickrollMaverickroll Member UncommonPosts: 123

(Sorry for the snafu in the thread titles, corrected old thread title, was supposed to be episode 007 for last week.)


Join us this week as we take a quick, and we do mean quick look at this weeks C-Store offerings before we plunge into some Khitomer Accord spoilers, death penalty discussion and more inEpisode 008

You can get it with a direct MP3 download ( )

Show Notes Episode 008 -

Quadrant News - With a few Tax Week specials in the C-Store we look over this weeks additions, talk about the new death penalty and difficulty slider on Tribble and more.

Tactics & Gameplay - With Khitomer fresh on the surface from this past weeks patch, we discuss some of the storyline points of it since we haven’t had a chance to run it. Want spoilers of the storyline’s new big bad? FAIR WARNING!

QQ-Continuum - Somehow we manage to land another humorous QQ by RSA favorite Kirkfat again (this guy gets around don’t he?). Old Kirkfat this week asks a hilarious question on the forums “If STO was a car, what kind of car would it be?”. Needless to say, the funny ensued.

Final Contest Update - We’ve gotten a couple entries thus far, we played one on air this episode. So, want a free copy of STO? Send us your entries via audio attachment via email, help Doc get to 45, something! You have until next Sunday, 12pm EST to send us entries before we record Episode 009.

- Breaking News – We discuss the new United Council of Fleets, the community’s response to the abortion of potential that was the “Advisory Council”. We discuss it in detail in this episode, but if you wanna check out their site you can at

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Stay tuned for next week, Episode 009 will bring our contest winner, we’ll have some indepth information into the Khitomer Accord and maybe just maybe, Doc might get to level 45!

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