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I like it

Fun interesting, free.  The game is different while not being really different.  

I'm on the PVP server name is Sqoobe


If your looking for the game here is a good downloader as I was experiencing problems.  Either way it has a nice smoothness and different feel.  More FPS but that's cool


I put wow down a few months ago and I don't mind them selling horses and all but I get so bored running the same crapt everyday. I miss world PVP even though PVP is lame.  I prefer UT3 for that.   Now if only they would make every instance heroic I would surely return to run some heroic ZF, or ZG but the best they come up with is deadmines and thats months away.  Selling  comics, figurines, is cool and all but really WHO the FCK plays with figurines?

Its just crappy. Oh well. 


Do not defend  I have paid for a few xfers and faction turnovers $100 to be exact, there is no excuse for not converting the massive amount of dungeons to heroic so we can have variety.  I miss shadow labs myself, oh well


Either way TCOS for a free game and a possible re launch is refreshing and smooth, a new place to level and a tad more pvp focused which is cool.  Smaller groups 4 & 8 but whatever it's something to do.


Hit me up on the PVP server name is Sqoobe and if there are enough of us I'll throw up a vent server


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