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War in Kryta Questions...

RandycatRandycat Member Posts: 64

Had a couple questions about the new updates...

1. How confusing/out of order will the new storyline seem for someone who has not finished all the Prophecies/Eye of the North missions? (currently I'm still in prophecies, just finished the D'Alessio Seaboard mission and got to Divinity Coast...)

2. Will the War in Kryta event consist of new quests at all, or just smaller updates (like costumes/scenes)?

3. I don't really have time to play GW on a regular basis so I'm wondering if  the updates only be around for a limited time or can they still be enjoyed by players several weeks/months from now?

Thanks :)


  • illyanaillyana Member UncommonPosts: 614

    1.  peacekeeper enforcers and the shining blade war camp (and thus the War in Kryta update) will only show up when your char finishes either Proph or Eye of the North

    2. i dont have any idea of the scope of the War in Kryta storyline, if it'll have quests or full-blown missions or just additional lore and some new items. 5th Anniv update is right around the corner and we should have plenty of solid info by then

    3. from Regina's wikipage


    The community team has noticed a few questions floating around regarding the new bits of content, and whether they're repeatable, so I'd like to clarify these issues.

    The encounters between Peacekeepers and Krytans appear to be on-going, and as aggression between Peacekeepers and Krytans increase, you may encounter them more than once. However, specific moments may be shown to your character only once.

    The Trial of Zinn is viewable once per character. If you are in a party with another player who hasn't see the trial, you will get to see it again, even if you are playing on a character that has already seen it. And of course, you can always watch it on another character that has not seen it yet.

    The plan for these updates is to be a continuation of the game's story, so that it will be available to people who play in the future.


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